of Freedom Leadership Conference


(a Conference of the Sponsor Organization for that month)

Each conference will have one or more sponsors which provide a speaker and the agenda for the headline portion of that conference.

This is not the conference of one organization.  It is the conference of whichever organization is sponsoring it each time.  When conservatives attend this conference, they are presented what was advertised for that particular edition of the conference – the sponsor’s agenda and what you see here which takes place, not another organization’s agenda.

We very much respect the Conservative Political Action Conference, but we do not completely emulate their format.  When they started there were two principal organizations in their headline as “the sponsors” and two additional underneath them “in cooperation with.”  All co-sponsors were listed beneath them.

It was plausible to call this “our organization’s conference” under those circumstances some 40 and 50 years ago.  That has not been the case with CPAC any longer, which now has removed the three other principal sponsors, re-written the history to only include one founding organization, and no longer lists on the letterhead or on the banner at the conference behind the podium, the co-sponsor organizations.

That does not happen at Freedom Leadership Conference, where no organization except the sponsor for that particular conference is featured in all conference promotions, along with the sponsor-provided keynote speaker and the organization’s issue that will be addressed.

We do not barter or negotiate for the content of the agenda.  The agenda belongs (to the extent of the minutes allocated, see below) to the organization which sponsors that “edition,” subject to the approval of the Conference Chairman, which would not be unreasonably withheld and is only for the purpose of our being given the information needed in order to properly promote the conference being sponsored with the speaker and issue to be featured.

Youtube has a limit of 14 minutes so that is the limit of formal, keynote remarks.  (we need the extra 1 minute for introduction and ending comments on the video).

Many thousands more people learn about the organization’s agenda, its issue and its speaker through this advertising in advance of the conference and the reporting after the conference – perhaps as much as 1,000 times more people.

Conservative-cause organizations are invited to be a Co-Sponsor ($250 for 10 minutes), Sponsor ($500 for 20 minutes) or Primary Sponsor ($1,000 for 40 minutes) for one conference each year in order to present the issue and speaker of their choice at each weeknight conference, plus a dinner in honor of the keynote speaker as the guest of the Conference Board of Directors with additional, informal remarks.

The minutes available over 14 minutes may be extemporaneous remarks, supplemental and informal additional remarks, formal remarks which can be called “part 2) for youtube (please note: there is always a massive drop off of a part 2 in a speech on youtube viewership) or Question and Answer, which is the choice of the sponsor or speaker.

Additional, informal and off the record remarks may also be given by the sponsor and/or keynote speaker at the dinner in honor of the keynote speaker, the other speakers and with the conference Board of Directors.

(We usually follow this format)

The regular conference timetable is as follows:

3:30 PM – Conference Board of Directors meets at the dinner meeting location. This board is drawn from the ranks of the Conference Leadership Council and is in executive session except for invited guests.

4:30 PM – Conference Setup work begins.  Volunteers urgently requested (we are willing to provide a discounted dinner ticket in exchange for your help).

5:00 PM – doors open for Leadership Council dinner meeting with keynote speaker, other speakers and Conference leadership.

5:30 PM – Dinner served promptly.  The location is either the same as the Conference or at a nearby Restaurant.  Dinner donation includes a donation for the Speaker’s dinner, Conference room rental, and very limited advertising/promotion expenses.  Advance RSVP is required for admission, with a discount for those who pay in advance at the conference Eventbrite page.

6:30 PM – Conference Doors open

7:00 PM – Conference Begins (free admission with suggested $5 donation at the door to help pay for conference room rental).

(The Agenda Usually includes these topics):

Pledge, prayer, Welcome Remarks

Conference Purpose – introductory comments (5 minutes)

Introduction of Keynote Speaker by Conference Sponsor (5 minutes)

Keynote Speaker Remarks (provided by Conference Primary Sponsor or Sponsor)* (20 minutes minutes)

The Saul Alinsky Award for the most notorious leftist smear of the month (5 minutes) (There may be two Conference Co-Sponsors instead of one Sponsor) (5 minutes)

Thurmont Statement – one conference attendee is asked to read a section from this Statement of conservative principles and explain why they chose that as their favorite. (5 minutes)

Lightning Round – 1 minute for 5 to 10 individuals at the conference to explain how they are putting they most recently volunteered their time (or a donation) to help the conservative cause, organization or candidate of their choice. (5 to 10 minutes)

Past Sponsor Remarks/Updates (5 minutes each for a report on activities of past sponsor organizations, limited to first come first served)

Future Attractions – what is planned in the future for the Conference (5 minutes)

How you can help the Conference expand – concluding remarks (5 to 10 minutes)

Concluding Remarks (5 minutes)

9 PM – Conference Adjourns, room stays open for socializing

9:30 PM – Conference Room Closes (attendees are encouraged to help tidy up and pack up the room – there are no paid conference staff to do this).

This is a private conference for members only. We do invite interested conservatives to make application for Associate membership (there are no dues) and to attend one meeting to see if this is a conference you would like to be associated with.

To Sponsor or support the conference we invite your inquiry, or to confirm your attendance at one of our meetings, write

(updated 1/29/2016)