Starting in 1999 as the Western Conservative Conference, those organizations which made the largest financial and/or staff commitment to support and organize the Freedom Leadership Conference were the Primary Sponsors, followed by the Sponsor and finally the Co-Sponsor organizations.
The Conference leadership continues to experiment with a new meeting format adopted in late 2012, with a dramatically reduced financial commitment for a conservative cause organization to become a sponsor of the now 3 to 6 times a year, week night Freedom Leadership Conference in Northern Virginia.  Organizations are given top billing and the principal or keynote speaker and assigned a date.  There is an upgrade available to Primary Sponsor for those organizations which are willing to underwrite a more extensive advertising and promotion campaign for their conference which will boost attendance.  This was done for example, at the 12/5/12 conference at the Marriott Courtyard Tysons Corner, VA and several times per year in 2013 through 2015) or a greater amount of conference promotion featuring their issue and organization by organizations such as United States Intelligence Council and Gun Owners of America.  These sponsors provide the keynote speaker and are provided time in the week night program of each conference plus additional time for informal remarks at a leadership dinner before the conference.  See elsewhere in this website for more details on the agenda.
We are grateful to the past Sponsors of the Freedom Leadership Conference.
Past Primary Sponsors
Accuracy in Media
American Border Control
American Defense Council
California Republican Assembly
Citizens Comm. for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms
Christian Voice
Committee for a Republican Future
Eberle Communications Group
Fortress America
Freedom America
Freedom Center Foundation
Human Events
Judicial Watch
Leadership Institute
Legal Affairs Council
More Power to You
National Security Center
Right Concepts, Inc.
Traditional Values Coalition
Uniformed Services League
U.S. Intelligence Council
U.S. Justice Foundation
Washington Times National Weekly
Past Sponsors
American Conservative Union
California Pro-Life Council
Christian Coalition of California
Concerned Veterans for America
Conservative Caucus
Conservatives of Los Angeles
Conservative Opportunities PAC
Fairfax County Taxpayer Alliance *
Gun Owners of America *
Kimco Business Resources
Military Magazine
Religious Freedom Coalition
Republican Liberty Caucus
Secure America Alliance
Small Business Survival Committee
Stop Puerto Rico Statehood
Thomas Jefferson Institute
Young Americans for Freedom
Past Co Sponsors
California Political Review
California ProLife Council
Capitol Web Design
Christian Action Network
Freedom List Corporation
Name Exchange
New Americans by Choice
The Richard Norman Company
Republican Party/ Riverside County
Seniors Care
State Department Watch
Stop Puerto Rico Statehood Comm.
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