Mike O’Neill to speak on “The Liberty Amendments” Proposal of Mark Levin at October 17 Conference

Freedom Leadership Conference, Thurs., Oct. 17, 2013, 7 to 9 PM

Freedom Leadership Conference, Thurs., Oct. 17, 2013, 7 to 9 PM

Assistant General Counsel of Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation to speak at Freedom Leadership Conference at Marriott at Fair Oaks, VA, billed as “Conservative Change Conference”

The new “Liberty Amendments” proposal of Mark Levin will be on the agenda at the Freedom Leadership Conference of Thursday evening, October 17 at the Fairfax Marriott Hotel at Fair Oaks, Virginia, with Michael J. O’Neill, the Assistant General Counsel of Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation delivering remarks to summarize Levin’s best selling book by the same name (register for free conference 7 to 9 PM, HERE).

“Levin proposes a series of constitutional amendments designed to curb the almost unlimited power of the federal government and return us to a federal system in which state governments have an actual voice in the governance of our country as originally intended; where nine “imperfect” lawyers in black robes cannot make ‘political and public policy decisions and impos[e] them on every corner of the nation and every part of society’ with no accountability; and the power and authority of the legislative and executive branches are restrained in a way that curbs their ability to limit our liberty.” (Amendments for Liberty, by Hans A. von Spakovsky in National Review online).

O’Neill, who is one of the two principal speakers at the October 17 conference, received his law degree from Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law and is a member of the Federalist Society and the American Bar Association.  Mike focuses on regulatory overreach and federal constitutional law issues.  He has been with Landmark since 2000.  A lifelong resident of Virginia, Mike resides in Leesburg with his wife and two children.

The key part of the Levin proposal is to use the Constitutional provision never used before, for the states to call a constitutional convention to pass these “Liberty Amendments” to restrain the federal government – which would then need to be approved by three quarters of the state legislatures.

Attorney O’Neill will deliver “Part 1” of a two part series on the “Liberty Amendments” – the proposal outlined in the new runaway bestselling book by Mark Levin by the same name, during the free monthly evening conference, which begins with a half hour coffee/tea/dessert social (suggested donation $5 and admission is only with advance registration HERE.

Part 2 of “The Liberty Amendments” series will be at the same Marriott location on Wednesday, November 13 at the Freedom Leadership Conference with a speaker to be announced.  The Conference keynote speaker for the November event, sponsored by Uniformed Services League, is U.S. Representative Scott Perry (R-PA) who will focus on a salute to veterans for Veterans Day.

The October 17 conference will feature keynote remarks by Michael Thompson, President of the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy, to explain a new proposal by his Institute to abolish the “gross receipts tax” in Virginia and other tax changes in return for increases in other taxes that do not penalize and punish business expansion (see previous article HERE).

While this tax change proposal is “revenue neutral” and thus actually has a chance to be enacted as law in Virginia, its purpose and design is to be a booster for business development, which will produce, according to the Institute’s study, some 80,000 new jobs in Virginia.

The Thomas Jefferson Institute is the sponsor of the October 17 function, which is being billed as a “Conservative Change Conference” to provide some specific change proposals.  Each monthly Freedom Leadership Conference is sponsored by a different conservative organization.  Started 14 years ago as an annual three day conference in southern California, the name was changed and it was moved east after three years.

The Master of Ceremonies for the October 17 conference will be attorney Jonathon Moseley, Executive Director of Americans Against the Obama Agenda, who will have available for conference dinner attendees their choice of either new bumper sticker produced by his organization: Nobama, or Nobomba.

Moseley has been a repeat speaker at the conference for the past four years, most recently as Executive Director of the July conference sponsor, American Border Control, to oppose amnesty for illegals.

The Freedom Leadership Conference changed to a “member only private conference” in late 2012 in northern Virginia.  Last month the conference became an “open” function – which any conservative may attend provided they advance register and are approved for attendance.

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