Dr. Sebastia Gorka Says Obama Generals Guilty of Treasonous Act for Distorting ISIS Intel

Freedom Leadership Conference Keynote Speaker to autograph his new book Defeating Jihad, the Winnable War after keynote remarks sponsored by U.S. Intelligence Council and Secure America Alliance

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, scheduled as the keynote speaker at the September 14 Freedom Leadership Conference, recently said on Fox TV that the politically correct military and intelligence officials who altered intelligence assessments to help President Barack Obama and candidate for President Hillary Clinton pretend they were winning the war against ISIS have committed an act “tantamount to treason.”  View the entire segment HERE or click on image above.

Dr. Gorka will expound on this and on how the United States can win the terror war launched against us by ISIS at the Wednesday evening Conference sponsored by U.S. Intelligence Council and Secure America Alliance.  A standing room only audience is expected, with dinner tickets on sale until this Friday at 5 PM and after that, any empty seats will be given out to the waiting list for the free 7 PM conference (doors open for the dinner at 5 PM, and for the free conference at 6:30 PM).  Order HERE (http://DefeatingJihad.Eventbrite.com).  The Conference Flyer is HERE.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka is the Vice President and Professor of Strategy and Irregular Warfare at the Instiutute of World Politics in Washington, DC, and a regular commentator on Fox TV.

Dr. Gorka said on the Fox TV interview uploaded to the Freedom Leadership Conference youtube channel, ““This act of willfully distorting and playing down the intelligence assessments when America is at war, is tantamount to being a treasonous act.  If during World War II somebody had been ordering our intelligence community during World War II to water down the assessments of what the Japanese were doing, or what Hitler was doing, if that person were found out, they could have been court-martialed and they could have been executed.”

The two previous editions of Freedom Leadership Conference held in 2016 were both standing room only, see previous article at this website, scroll down or HERE.

Previously, Dr. Gorka was the Major General Matthew C. Horner Distinguished Chair of Military Theory at Marine Corps University where he provided courses and lectures on Irregular Warfare. Before that, he was Associate Dean of Congressional Affairs and Relations to the Special Operations Community at National Defense University.  His touching story about his legacy as a freedom fighter is told in more detail in his book.  Like many whose roots are in a foreign country – his parents were Hungarian freedom fighters in the 1956 uprising against Communism – he is more appreciative of American freedom and exceptionalism than many of us who take it for granted because it is all we have known our entire lives.

Dr. Gorka is an internationally recognized authority on issues of national security, irregular warfare, terrorism and democratization and has testified before Congress and briefed the CIA, ODNI, NCTC, NIC, and the Commandant of the Marine Corps. His website, TheGorkaBriefing.com, is a collection of his national security commentary and analysis. He served as a subject matter expert for the Office of the US Attorney in Boston for the Tsarnaev trial.  His website is a treasure trove of information for those interested in protecting the security of the United States and defending our homeland from the ISIS world war being waged against us, see TheGorkaBriefing.org.

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