Freedom Leadership Conference Prepares 2015 Series in Northern Virginia

Conference sponsor Gun Owners of America provided one of the most popular of the monthly series of Freedom Leadership Conference in northern Virginia in the 2013-2014 series, Larry Pratt, its Executive Director (listen to his remarks at our youtube section), shown here on Fox News.

Conference sponsor Gun Owners of America provided one of the most popular of the monthly series of Freedom Leadership Conference in northern Virginia in the 2013-2014 series, Larry Pratt, its Executive Director (listen to his remarks at our youtube section), shown here on Fox News.

The Freedom Leadership Conference has issued its first call for co-sponsor organizations for its new monthly series to begin in April, 2015 in Northern Virginia at the Fair Oaks Marriott Hotel at Rt. 66 and Rt. 50.

The annual conference founded 16 years ago as the Western Conservative Conference, operated in southern California for three years with primary sponsors that included major conservative organizations and support publications such as The Washington Times National Weekly Edition, plus Human Events, Young Americans for Freedom, Gun Owners of America, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Accuracy in Media, Judicial Watch, Leadership Institute, Legal Affairs Council, Traditional Values Coalition, US Justice Foundation and many more.

After having the conference in Miami, Florida, it was moved northeast to a location near historic Camp David, MD for several years and finally to Northern Virginia, where in 2013 it was changed to a monthly conference held on weeknights and sponsored by a single sponsor organization which provided the keynote speaker.

Organizations which co-sponsored Conferences in 2013-2014 include American Border Control*, Fairfax County Taxpayer Alliance, GrasstopsUSA, Religious Freedom Coalition, Thomas Jefferson Institute, Understanding the Threat, U.S. Intelligence Council*, Secure America Alliance (*=original founding, primary sponsors 16 years ago).

There is still uncertainty as to whether it is worthwhile to hold conferences during the summer time (June-July-August) and nearly unanimous not to hold a conference in December.  Therefore, a total of only five conference slots may be available for the balance of 2015 for full sponsorship.

Since there appear to be more organizations which may wish to sponsor the conference, the following change has taken place: the organization which is able to be a SPONSOR ($500 donation towards conference expenses including advertising & promotion) will have the twenty-minute agenda, keynote remarks and headline the five preferred conference dates on a first come, first serve basis – April, May, September, October, November.

We urge those interested to call us immediately.  An organization CO-SPONSOR will be mentioned with their topic and speaker in all conference promotions, and there is as when the first monthly series of conferences was instituted in 2013-2014, no fee or cost for this lower cost alternative.  They are allocated 5 minutes for their speaker and topic and are referred to in all conference advertising and promotions.

The conference is expected to again be held at the Marriott Hotel at Fair Oaks, northern Virginia, which was a popular choice of the several venues where it was held in the past monthly series, ranging from Tysons Corner to Fairfax, Virginia.

An invitation memorandum directed to key conservative cause organizations which appeal to coalition-minded conservatives – such as attendees at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference, is HERE.

To find out more about this you may explore this website or directly email your inquiry to

Congressman Scott Perry (R-PA) has already committed to speak in behalf of one of the original sponsor organizations of the conference back in 1999 – the United States Intelligence Council, which sponsored one of the 2013-2014 conferences with a legislator from the Republic of the Philippines to speak about the growing threat of Red China in that region of the world.  USIC plans to be a PRIMARY SPONSOR (the highest level, as it has done before).

We urge conservative cause organizations which appeal to grassroots conservative coalition activists to consider a prompt reply to this first call for co-sponsors, sponsors or primary sponsors of the Freedom Leadership Conference new 2015 monthly series in Northern Virginia at the Marriott Hotel in Fair Oaks, VA.  Once the five available monthly slots for the conference – late April, May, Sept., October and November are filled, only the less desirable summer months and December will remain and only for Sponsor and Primary Sponsor level conference participants.

And for those interested in subscribing to the free email newsletter you may email RSVP@FreedomLeadershipConference for a free subscription which includes full text of keynote conference speakers, links to the video of their remarks, notice of meetings and articles about past and future sponsor organizations.

The leadership meeting at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference on 2/27/15 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center began the process of organizing the renewal of the monthly series of the Freedom Leadership Conference to, with further details to be announced in the e-newsletter and in in this space.

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