How you can Commemorate 9/11 with Courage, for Freedom

Free China: The Courage to Believe, complementary movie screening at Freedom Leadership Conference in Northern Virginia, one night only

Free China: The Courage to Believe, complementary movie screening at Freedom Leadership Conference in Northern Virginia, one night only

One night only (free) the movie, Free China: The Courage to Believe, at Freedom Leadership Conference on 9/11 in Springfield, VA

Next Wednesday’s free movie presentation at this month’s Freedom Leadership Conference in Northern Virginia of Free China, The Courage to Believe, gives voice to millions of Chinese who yearn to have freedom: “Free to speak, free to think, free to write and freedom to believe” (from the movie).

We are proud to present a guest article by one of our two principal speakers at next Wednesday’s Northern Virginia movie screening of Free China: The Courage to Believe, presented by Freedom Leadership Conference, sponsored this month by GrasstopsUSA and by U.S. Intelligence Council, which have opted to change the ordinary monthly format to allow for free attendance by non-members to watch this movie at 8:15 to 10 PM, reserve your free tickets HERE.

The movie, Free China, The Courage to Believe, has been produced by New Tang Dynasty Television, which has already shown it in 400 private screenings such as our one night showing next Wednesday.

The video trailer can be viewed above or HERE.

Dr. Roger Canfield’s guest commentary – written exclusively for Freedom Leadership Conference in his capacity as Vice President of this month’s co-sponsor, United States Intelligence Council, follows.  We pray that you will help pass the word by using the link to this article and by bringing guests to next Wednesday’s first conference “movie night.”

Commemorate 9/11 with courage, for freedom

a private moving screening of
Free China: The Courage to Believe
Complimentary Movie Night (no admission charge)
Wednesday, September 11, 2013
8:15 PM doors open.  Program begins 8:30 PM, ends 10 PM
West Springfield Government Center Community Room
6140 Rolling Road, Springfield, VA 22152
Dinner & Conference Location:
Milano Family Restaurant, 6230-G Rolling Rd., Springfield, VA 22152

9/11 Conference LINKS:
RSVP Required (only 60 seats available first come first served) HERE Freedom Leadership Conference from 7 to 8 PM, register HERE
(members only; apply for free Provisional Membership HERE)
Leadership Council Dinner (Members only) 5 PM, HERE.
Movie Night 8 ½ x 11 Flyer/poster: HERE

Dr. Roger Canfield, Vice President, US Intelligence Council, is the author of several books.  Two of them were published in the past during his tenure as USIC Executive Director: Stealth Invasion: Red Chinese Operations in North America, and China Doll: Clinton-Gore and the Selling of the Presidency (1 million copies published & distributed by USIC).  More recently he is the author of Comrades in Arms: How the Ameri-cong won the Vietnam War against the Common Enemy – America.

Dr. Canfield comments about the movie, Free China: The Courage to Believe follow.

Through the personal experiences of Jenifer Zeng and Charlie Lee, this film will open your eyes to the inherent evil and danger of Communist China to the people of America as well as its own long suffering citizens.  I’ve written about Charlie’s horrific treatment in a Chicom prison in New American magazine.  For nearly 50 years I’ve been active in the public policy process.  I’ve learned that courage, among other virtues, is rare.  I’ve been honored to serve very good men and women running for public office, some of whom lost their political careers by doing the right thing.

None of these honorable Americans have shown the moral and political courage to risk their very lives for the truth.  Members of the Falun Gong, a pacifist exercise and meditation practice in Communist China, have risked their lives, to gather in large groups and publicly have conducted their exercise and meditation rituals.  They have published the “Nine Commentaries,” a true history of Communism’s barbaric assault on the whole of Chinese history, culture, religions and families.

Because of this assault the Falun Gong have boldly asked members of the Communist Party, to renounce their Party membership.  Overseas, they have produced stage shows of dance and song honoring the virtues of traditional Chinese culture and history and been what I think is the world’s principal source of truth about what is really happening behind the Bamboo Curtain of Communist China.

The Falun Gong’s alternative to communism is to restore ancient Confucian Chinese virtues, compatible with Christianity, among which are truth, compassion and tolerance.

Chinese Communism is the very antithesis of the virtues shared by Falun Gong of the East and Christians of the West, shown clearly in the outstanding movie, Free China: The Courage to Believe.  Highly recommended, don’t miss it.

The indigenous Chinese virtues practiced by Falun Gong threaten the very survival of the Communist regime from within the heart of China itself.  For their efforts, Falun Gong practitioners have faced arrest, imprisonment, rigged show trials, torture, slave labor and worse.

Falun Gong practitioners have become a living human pool for forced organ transplants placed on order by privileged friends, allies and members of the Chinese Communist Party.  In other words, selling body parts harvested off captive live human beings who are prisoners of conscience because of their Falun Gong beliefs, is today a regular practice in Communist China, with little or no protest in the Western World, and complete silence by the governments of America and the free world.

Despite this, the Falun Gong continue to gather to exercise their beliefs, only to be rounded up, like Christians were captured and forced to face the Lions as the penalty for practicing their religion, except in their case the butchers’ knives await in today’s Communist China.

This evil far surpasses that of the barbaric and inhumane experiments of Nazi Dr. Mengele on concentration camp imprisoned Jews while the western world then, as now with the Falun Gong, remained silent.  The world has long since discovered and condemned Dr. Mengale and the Nazis but remains silent about the worse treatment of Falun Gong today.

The film, Free China: the Courage to Believe, concisely tells the Falun Gong story and its significance to the American people.  It also describes the economic and military threat to the USA.  Only internal change in China will save the United States from the future, predicted, catastrophic conflict with China.  The spirit of Tiananmen Square lives in the pacifist Falun Gong.  They may be our only hope for peace in Asia in the coming decades.  I strongly urge you to watch this movie, and then take action on what you learn.

Free China: The Courage to Believe - don't miss the screening of this movie at Freedom Leadership Conference this month.

Free China: The Courage to Believe – don’t miss the screening of this movie at Freedom Leadership Conference this month.

There is a strict seating limit of 60 people to watch the 9/11 movie.  We strongly advise you to reserve your free tickets immediately, HERE.

Those who wish to participate in the monthly Freedom Leadership Conference need to first register as a Provisional Member HERE and upon approval are eligible to attend the Conference at 7 PM at Milano Family Restaurant, 6230-G Rolling Rd., Springfield, VA 22152, which includes coffee and tea service and this month, a shortened program to allow for early adjournment to watch the movie very close to the restaurant (adjourn at 8 PM to make it to the 8:15 movie doors open).

For those who are already Conference members there is a dinner at 5 PM at Milano’s, register HERE.

We urge freedom lovers within drive distance of Northern Virginia to come to this movie, commemorate 9/11 with courage, for freedom, and bring guests.  A flyer/poster has been created to help you do this, HERE.

We suggest you mark your calendar now for future Freedom Leadership Conference events in Northern Virginia:

10/17/13 Thomas Jefferson Institute (Keynote: Michael Thompson)

11/12/13 Uniformed Services League (Topic: Save our Servicemen Rally)

Your donation to help support the monthly conference can be made HERE, regardless of whether you wish to attend or not.  To subscribe to the free email newsletter, or to make application to be a Provisional member (no fee or dues; this entitles you to attend one monthly meeting and you are sent the free email newsletter, Freedom Digest) go HERE.

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