Larry Pratt blasts liberal anti-gun elite

Freedom Leadership Conference sponsor Gun Owners of America, does “great damage” to Obama gun control effort complains NY Times

Larry Pratt’s keynote remarks to the May Freedom Leadership Conference, sponsored by his Gun Owners of America, criticized attempts to take guns away from citizens as just one example of how the liberal-left in America wants to ignore Constitutional restrictions on government power (see video link above for Part 1 of video or HERE).

Pratt blasted the liberal elite attitude that only they know what is best for Americans, tipped his hat to the rise of the “anti-media” popularly known as “the new media” or social media, gave credit to the direct mail experts who started “the rise of the right” in America and pledged to continue to fight those who would suppress American conservatives.

Pratt, GOA Executive Director, was the guest of honor at the monthly private conference, joining the Conference Leadership Council for dinner at the Marco Polo Restaurant in Vienna, Virginia on May 15.

The New York Times has complained “Gun Owners of America (has) spent the months since Newtown (the shooting) doing tremendous damage, insisting that expanded background checks will lead to a gun registry.”

U.S. Congressman Steve Stockman echoed the sentiment of conservatives when he responded to this New York Times criticism of Larry Pratt and Gun Owners of America, saying “it’s quite a compliment when the New York Times thinks that you are doing tremendous damage.”

Larry Pratt was awarded a "Freedom Leadership Award" for his efforts in defense of freedom by the conference leadership at the end of his presentation, along with an "Honorary Conference Membership" (both presented to all conference keynote speakers), Richard Buck (left), Ronald Wilcox (right).

Larry Pratt was awarded a “Freedom Leadership Award” for his efforts in defense of freedom by the conference leadership at the end of his presentation, along with an “Honorary Conference Membership” (both presented to all conference keynote speakers), Richard Buck (left), Ronald Wilcox (right).

The Obama administration, after rejection of their gun control proposals in the liberal dominated U.S. Senate, has instituted a series of “administrative” or fiat “executive orders” to try to impose gun control on America piece by piece.

For example, Obama Administration Secretary of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, has drafted new regulations which would eliminate all federal privacy laws and make doctors report their patients who are gun owners.

There will be no court order, no hearing and no right to defend your constitutional rights.  If Obama and Sebelius have their way, a simple message from any doctor to the federal government and your 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms is just eliminated.

Over 165,000 military veterans have already lost their rights, as we reported in this space recently, because they made the mistake of seeing a Veterans Administration psychiatrist to discuss their battle trauma.  The same thing is already starting to happen to civilians in New York who may have seen a therapist for anxiety and who were prescribed a drug.

This is the future that is planned for us – big brother is watching for those who remember George Orwell’s book 1984 – unless the efforts of Larry Pratt and his Gun Owners of America meet with success.

Pratt’s informal remarks to the Conference dinner was before a record breaking number of dinner attendees, made possible in part by a grant from his Gun Owners of America for an upgrade location for the conference and a discounted dinner price.  Only those who are Conference members or provisional (temporary) members may attend the 14 year old conference, which has changed to monthly and private since late 2012.  Monthly conference sponsors do not pay any fee or donation except if they wish to upgrade their sponsorship (as GOA did for May 15).

The Conference dinner included a full program including off the record remarks by Larry Pratt.  That was followed by the usual coffee and dessert reception (only $5 donation requested to those attending) at 7 pm and then the program kicked off with Larry’s keynote remarks.

Piers Morgan

Helping to introduce Larry Pratt to the full conference, David Denholm, our resident expert on Saul Alinsky stepped up to speak about the Piers Morgan versus Larry Pratt CNN TV appearance.

David presented to Larry, a “Saul Alinsky Smear Conservatives” Award Certificate with Piers Morgan’s name inscribed on it, awarded two months earlier, in case Larry is on the Piers Morgan CNN TV show again.

Morgan faithfully represented the liberal-left view on gun control in what was supposed to be an interview but instead turned into an insulting diatribe against Larry Pratt.

Larry’s keynote remarks then explained how that TV appearance with Piers Morgan illustrates the “incredible arrogance” of the liberal ruling class in America, which is not in the slightest bit embarrassed when they are exposed as ignorant and wrong.

Further, Larry pointed out, the image of the “angry white man” was also shattered by Piers Morgan, who was so angry he was virtually out of control.  He kept insulting Larry and cutting him off, resorting to the most base name calling throughout the interview.

Larry said the result of this was the exact opposite of what Piers Morgan thought would happen – more people joined as members of Gun Owners of America than at any other time.

Joe “double barrel shotgun” Biden: always good for a laugh

Another example of how the liberals are both arrogant and also shameless that he cites is Vice President Joe “double barrel shotgun” Biden, who lectured American women on how they ought to use a shotgun for self defense, not the AR-15 rifle, which he and his allies have tried to ban.

Larry explained how a group made a video and put it on youtube to illustrate how wrong Vice President Biden is on this subject (click on video above or HERE).

The video opens with the Joe Biden explaining why women would be better off using a shotgun to defend their homes, and how they ought to just discharge both barrels of a double barrel shotgun out the back door without even looking, if there is a potential intruder.

The Biden “advice” to women is that they ought to shoot someone who is outside of your house without even looking, without knowing if they are a direct threat to  your life.  This makes one think of Vice President Biden as a defense witness in the “stand your ground” case against Zimmerman, accused of killing Trayvan Martin, who clearly saw him as a direct threat to his life.

The video that Larry Pratt described, and which is herein a part of today’s post (for your convenience) first shows Vice President Biden telling women to buy a shotgun, not an AR-15 rifle.  Then it shows a half dozen women using a shotgun, one after another.  Some were actually knocked down to the ground when they discharged the “weapon of choice” recommended for women by Joe Biden.  Every one of the ladies was clearly unable to fire the shotgun accurately as was clearly seen.

Then, at the end of the video, most likely as you are still wiping tears from your eyes from laughing uncontrollably, one woman who uses the AR-15, is shown in marked contrast to the other ladies, firing round after round without being knocked about, very clearly in control of her rifle.

“I know for a fact that people have talked to the Vice President” about how a shotgun is harder for a woman to control than an AR-15 “assault rifle” and that his advice could lead to women being hurt or even killed if they take it, Larry told the Conference.

“He is unteachable,” relayed Pratt.  “He will not listen.  He knows it all because after all, he is part of the ruling class.”

In fact, Pratt said, “I just hope his wife did not follow his advise because she could be arrested for following her husband’s advise to women – “to go ahead and shoot your shotgun through a door” at someone who is out there and who she would not be able to testify is any threat to her through a locked door.  “Besides it might be the Vice President standing there outside the door” said Pratt to a burst of laughter at the Conference.

Larry Pratt told the conference about a debate he had with a member of the British Parliament who favored legislation there to outlaw all guns.  “You are going to see a spike in your violent crime” if this legislation is passed, predicted Pratt during this debate with the British lawmaker.

Great Britain already has very restrictive gun laws, said Pratt about this debate.  As a result ”they are the 4th most violent country in the world, behind Salvador, Honduras, Jamaica.”

The fascinating thing about the debate is how – as usual with liberals – his debate opponent simply called him a name rather than respond to this obviously salient point that Larry had made, calling him “quite flaky.”

Suspected Terrorist?

Pratt made the rather frightening assertion that the point of view he was espousing, considered “flaky” (or crazy) to liberals, is the reason that we are considered “terrorists” by Obama Administration officials such as Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

And they have good cause to call us terrorists, said Pratt – “because they are the ruling class and we do terrorize them” – they are scared of losing their power because people are mad.

“It is bad enough that we want to have guns to protect ourselves from violent criminals,” said Pratt.  But liberals are really horrified when we speak of the real purpose that the founding fathers enshrined the 2nd amendment in the Bill of Rights, to enable Americans to protect themselves from their own government.  “How dare you” joked Pratt, about their reaction to this terrible affront to their power to rule us without challenge or question.  The conference audience burst into applause at this statement (one of several times through his remarks).

Pratt pointed out it is not we conservatives who defend the 2nd amendment, who are guilty of “subversion” – but those liberals who would ignore our right to own firearms which is clearly stipulated by law.

In fact, Larry explained, this is why it was so helpful to our cause, how rude, crude, angry and out of control Piers Morgon behaved during the interview with Larry, which was more of a one-sided, out of control diatribe with a steady stream of insults directed by the CNN TV show host at his guest.

(to read the report of the previous Freedom Leadership Conference which awarded Piers Morgan with the “Saul Alinsky Smear Conservatives” award click HERE)

Larry reported on the findings of a book called “The Rise of the Anti-Media” by Professor Brian Patrick which showed how the rise of what has been called the “new media” such as (he said) this website, the youtube video and facebook report of his remarks at this Freedom Leadership Conference, have helped gun owners change the laws to allow for more and more “concealed carry” states.

“It just irritates them (the liberal ruling class) no end” to know that speeches like this might reach more people through new media than through their TV talk shows, uncensored and unfiltered by them.

Professor Patrick shows how this “anti-media” has, over the past quarter century, increasingly impacted the American political scene.

As a result of the empowerment of citizens which Professor Patrick wrote about, we now have four states which have absolutely no law or restriction on free citizens buying and owning firearms.

Larry gave a tip of the hat to those who helped develop what he called “the precursor” of new media – direct mail experts Richard Viguerie and Bruce Eberle (a former Vice President of the latter firm was present at the conference).  The rise of direct mail was really a part of the “new media” which provided an alternative news source to the liberal elite controlled “mainstream” news media, without which, there might never have been a rise of the conservative cause, Ronald Reagan and more recently the Tea Party.

Larry wraps up the first part of his remarks with the observation that people of faith in America, who reside in more rural location, are increasing in population, while those who do not share such a belief, clustered more in cities, are actually declining.  The future may very well belong to us if you follow simply population trends in America, stated Larry.

Stay tuned for a report (and a matching video) of Part 2 of Larry Pratt’s keynote remarks at the May 15 Freedom Leadership Conference, sponsored by Gun Owners of America.

And do not forget to mark June 12 in your calendar for the next Freedom Leadership Conference, to be co-sponsored by United States Intelligence Council and with a presentation by former FBI investigator and counterterrorism expert John Guandolo.

The subject of the conference will be the stealth jihad and how the bombs which dominate the news, are actually not the greatest threat to America.  “Understanding the Stealth Jihad Threat” is a subject that John Guandolo has spent much of his life investigating and studying.

John Guandolo designed and implemented the FBI’s first counter-terrorism training course.  He is now speaking out and sharing what he has learned and putting in layman’s language what all of us should know about this real threat to our country of Islamic Law supplanting the U.S. Constitution.

The Freedom Leadership Conference has a full schedule for the balance of 2013 with only two dates still open for new conference sponsors.  There have been 58 conference sponsors in the past 14 years, including many of the leading conservative, patriotic, traditional and defense oriented organizations in America.

Only members and provisional(temporary) members are entitled to attend the monthly Freedom Leadership Conference.  For information on how to join (there are no dues) or how to have your organization become a sponsor, write

The 2013 Conference schedule:

6/12/13 & U.S. Intelligence Council (John Guandolo)(venue confirmed)
7/17/13 American Border Control (Topic: Illegal Immigration)(venue confirmed)
8/21/13 Available (venue confirmed)
9/11/13 U.S. Intelligence Council (China CyberThreat & Movie, Free China: The Courage to Believe)
10/17/13 Thomas Jefferson Institute (Keynote: Michael Thompson)(venue confirmed)
11/12/13 Uniformed Services League (Topic: Save our Servicemen Rally)(venue reserved)
12/5/13 Available (sponsor, exact date & venue to be selected)

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