Saul Alinsky Smearing Conservatives Award for IRS Acting Commissioner Steven Miller

First Freedom Leadership Conference Award to be accompanied by a call for firing from government and criminal investigation

IRS Acting Commissioner Steven Miller has been nominated for the May “Saul Alinsky Smear Conservatives” Award after it was revealed this week that the Internal Revenue Service has been targeting conservative and TEA Party organizations and stalling approval for years of their tax exempt status.

The IRS actions under this and the past IRS Commissioner have as a result, successfully diminished or outright removed the influence of many conservatives from political debate and discourse in the United States.

The purpose of the Saul Alinsky Conservative Smear of the Month Award is to recognize those on the left who have used the Alinsky tactic of smearing and demonizing conservatives for the purpose of eliminating their credibility in the political process in America, ruining their effectiveness and terrorizing their supporters.

The May 15 Freedom Leadership Conference, this month sponsored by Gun Owners of America with keynote remarks by their Executive Director, Larry Pratt, will announce the award at their Northern Virginia conference.  The conference is in its 14th year but started monthly in late 2012 for members only in northern Virginia.

David Denholm, President of the Public Service Research Council, will announce the award.  Nominations will be considered, discussed and decided at the Conference’s Leadership Council which meets over dinner with the keynote speaker, from 5 to 7 PM, before the conference begins at 7 PM with coffee and dessert.

Comment and suggestions for this month’s award and future awards may be made to  Those interested in making application to join the Conference, which admits members only each month, may write

The constant demonizing and smearing of conservatives finally resulted in a backlash when the Freedom Leadership Conference began to recognize the worst examples of such filthy debate tactics.

In using such tactics, the left and private institutions violate one of the highest laws, as found in the 10 Commandments, thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor, in order to accomplish their political goal of diminishing the influence of, or outright removing an enemy from political discourse so they can win more political victories unimpeded by opposition.

In other words, rather than a free debate between two sides and open discourse which benefits a free people, the Alinsky tactics of smearing and demonizing, hurts the American people by removing one side from the discussion, and therefore eliminating one side’s facts and arguments from the process.  This strikes at the very heart of self governing of and by the people.

But when the government participates in this tactic of silencing one side as the IRS has done, they are violating not only the highest law, but on a more mortal plane, they are criminally violating the 1st Amendment rights of an entire group of Americans.

This subversion of freedom is insidious and contemptible when it is done by private institutions because it puts the foundations of freedom in jeopardy.  But at worst, it is illegal and reminiscent of the tactics of Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia when it is done by our government, which is strictly forbidden from such suppression of the incumbent government’s critics.  At best, this is very literally an assault on the rule of law in America, for the purpose of protecting the incumbent government.

Senators including Marco Rubio, John Cornyn, Orrin Hatch and others, have noted that unlike others who wish to attack conservatives and even silence them, the Internal Revenue Service has the power to destroy individuals they target.

Because no IRS Commissioner can escape responsibility and say it was not his business to curb such abuse of power of his agency, Senator Cornyn has called on the incumbent Commissioner Steven Miller to resign, and has urged a criminal investigation into how this government official, his predecessor and others within the IRS have violated criminal law and how they should be prosecuted.  Those who have in past years gone on public record denying that any such targeting of conservative organizations and others critical of the federal government of Barack Obama, should be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Congressman John Boehner has said the issue isn’t about who is going to resign, but “who is going to jail over this scandal.”

For example, Senator Cornyn identifies former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman, who testified in the past and who “categorically denied that any type of targeting (of conservatives) was in fact taking place.” (Speech of Cornyn, here).

We strongly endorse calls by Senator Cornyn, Congressman Bohner and others for the U.S. Congress to conduct hearing and launch its own investigation of the misuse of power by the federal government of Barack Obama.

The next month’s Freedom Leadership Conference will be sponsored by US Intelligence Council and Understanding the Threat with remarks by former FBI agent and counter terrorism expert John Guandolo.  New member applications are encouraged at

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