Obama Administration Systematic Military Voter Disenfranchisement to be charged at Freedom Leadership Conference Wed., 3/27 at 7 PM

The Administration of President Barack Obama will be charged with systematic military voter disenfranchisement by the Uniformed Services League at the Freedom Leadership Conference on Wednesday, 3/27.

A spokesman for the unabashedly pro-military and pro-veteran organization will make the charges in a formal statement to be made at the conservative conference, originally founded 14 years ago as an annual event and now meeting monthly in Northern Virginia since late 2012.

“Why is the Obama Administration disenfranchising military voters, causing the lowest vote turnout among military voters in recent history,” the Uniformed Services League will ask at the members only Freedom Leadership Conference.

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission has reported that in the 2008 election while 62% of Americans were voting, a mere 5.5 percent of eligible military voters cast ballots.

Other reports from the conference state of Virginia, plus North Carolina and Ohio, put the recent vote turnout among military voters as low as two percent of eligible voters.

A survey by the Overseas Vote Foundation revealed that 22 percent of military overseas voters never received their requested absentee ballot.  An additional 10 percent received their ballot less than seven days before the election.  Many military voters simply have no way to cast a ballot for their own U.S. Senators, Congressman, President and their state and local elected officials, making a mockery of the old American Revolutionary War slogan, “taxation without representation is slavery.”

The Wednesday Freedom Leadership Conference will feature keynote remarks by Arthur Purves, President of the Fairfax County Taxpayer Association, to explain how higher tax rates stifle business and lower the standard of living of Virginians and Americans.

For details on this Wednesday’s topic, see our previous posting on this subject, Conservatives Take Aim at Largest Tax Increase in Virginia History at 3/27 Freedom Leadership Conference.

Additional speakers drawn from the ranks of outstanding conservative leaders in northern Virginia will be announced at the conference, a private, members only gathering for conservative volunteer activists and donors.

Past speakers at the conference have included the architect of the original Reagan revolution, the late Lyn Nofziger, the legendary Rep. Bob “B-1 Bomber” Dornan, the outstanding anti-illegal alien spokesman Rep. Robert K. Dornan, and a “who’s who” of conservative spokesmen drawn from the 58 different conservative cause organizations which have been conference sponsors over the past 14 years.

For information on how to apply for a complimentary provisional membership you may write to RSVP@FreedomLeadershipConference.org.

Memberships are approved for those who establish how they have been active, volunteer conservatives in the past, how they anticipate continuing into the future, and that they are in general agreement with the Conference statement of purpose and agree to abide by the conference rules.

The private nature of the monthly conference meetings respects the wishes of some who wish to provide support for the conservative cause, meet other like-minded conservatives, while not being publicly identified as conservative activists.  The meeting format also allows for more robust discussion in a collegial atmosphere among those who are committed conservatives.

The April 24 Freedom Leadership Conference will be sponsored at an upgraded restaurant location by Secure America Alliance to discuss “The War on Seniors.”

Gun Owners of America will provide its Executive Director, a frequent guest on TV cable and radio shows, Larry Pratt, on May 15, also at an upgraded location thanks to the support of that date’s sponsor.  A conservative sponsor is being sought for the June 12 Conference.

Other dates for 2012 are already reserved by various other conservative cause organizations.

The United States Intelligence Council will feature a spokesman from the Falun Gong spiritual discipline which is being persecuted by Communist China, and a movie on that topic plus keynote remarks on how Communist China is planning for a surprise “Cyber-War Attack” on the U.S.  American Border Control will weigh in on the illegal immigration debate just as the U.S. Senate and House will be considering legislation this summer.

A “Save our Soldiers” (SOS) Rally is planned for the day after Veterans Day, November 12, by the Uniformed Services League.

Inquiries are welcomed from conservative cause groups who wish to avail of the opportunity to showcase their issue for 30 minutes at the conference, for which there is no fee in 2013.  Most of the previous year’s 58 sponsor organizations have paid $2,000 towards conference expenses for a similar time slot in past years.

There is time in each month’s conference for brief remarks, in addition to the half hour reserved for the main sponsor organization, for conservative spokesmen, leaders and activists.  Make inquiry at EventCoordinator@FreedomLeadershipConference.org.

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