Attorney Gil Davis to Blast “Obama War on Seniors” at 4/24 Freedom Leadership Conference

Gil Davis, who became very popular with conservatives across America because of his work for Paula Corbin Jones versus President Bill Clinton, will be the keynote speaker at the Freedom Leadership Conference on Wednesday evening, April 24 in Northern Virginia.

Founded 14 years ago on the west coast, the Freedom Leadership Conference has been meeting monthly in Northern Virginia since late 2012, with a different conservative cause organization as the new sponsor each month.

Gil Davis will be speaking out against the “War on Seniors” in behalf of this month’s sponsor, Secure America Alliance.  Ronald Wilcox, SAA Executive Director, reminds conservatives that Gil Davis’ largely uncompensated work for Paula Jones, won him a rare 9 to 0 victory before the Supreme Court and directly led to the impeachment (ie. indictment) of President Clinton and his disbarment by his peers of the Arkansas Bar Association for lying under oath during the battle.

Examples of “the war on seniors” which will be addressed by Secure America Alliance speakers – Gil Davis plus panelists to be announced – includes:

*the terrible effect of Obamacare on seniors;

*cuts in Medicaid and medicare by Barack Obama and his allies;

*how over spending causes inflation which hurts seniors living on fixed income, more than any other segment of society;

*how federal policy causes banks to give near zero interest rates to punish savings, hurting seniors more than anyone else;

*inheritance “death tax” which especially targets senior citizens;

*how government over-spending and policies towards savings, private companies and especially banks, devastate the value of real estate which seniors have spent their entire time investing in and paying off their mortgages.

*the “totalization” agreement signed with Mexico to give illegal aliens faster vesting rights than Americans in the U.S. Social Security even after they broke US law and then returned to Mexico – threatening to bankrupt the already underfunded Social Security Trust Fund and leave senior citizens with no retirement funds.

*other policies which hurt senior citizens such as the future “death panels” predicted by Sarah Palin and conservatives during the ObamaCare debate.

In addition to Gil Davis we will also have several other speakers participating in a panel discussion on Barack Obama’s War on seniors at the April 24 conference sponsored by Secure America Alliance.   The Secure America Alliance has invited several different organizations active on these topics to join in the panel discussion (write:

One of the original founding sponsors of this now monthly Freedom Leadership Council 14 years ago, the Legal Affairs Council, had provided the first $5,000 donation check to help defray some of Gil Davis legal work so many years ago.

When they later learned that so much of Gil’s legal bills had never been paid, LAC arranged for Gil Davis to be given the first “Freedom Legal Defender Award” at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.  Gil’s acceptance remarks at that conference caused many to urge him to run for Virginia Attorney General later that year.

As a former Prosecutor, Gil Davis prosecuted the 1st Airplane Hijacking case, and the first high level Nixon Administration official during the Watergate era.  As a defense attorney, he secured the largest award for damages in Kentucky history against Bethlehem Steel.  He has tried cases in 20 states and the District of Columbia and spoken before conservative audiences including against Obamacare in the past year.

The April 24 Freedom Leadership Conference is for members only but you may attend as a temporary “Provisional Member” by first writing to  Only those who indicate that they are “volunteer conservatives” – either as a past donor or by volunteering time for the cause – and who clearly state that they are in agreement with the Conference Statement of Purpose and agree to abide by the Conference Rules are accepted (see conference brochure/PDF here).  FLC is particularly looking for “full spectrum” conservatives or those who show strong interest in working with those who are in a collegial atmosphere.

For those who have already attended one meeting or are members of the Conference, a simple RSVP is requested to confirm your attendance on April 24.

And, Gil Davis will be the guest of honor at a dinner with the Conference’s Leadership Council at 5 PM just prior to the conference start at 7 PM.  Those who are already approved members are eligible to attend and become a part of the Leadership Council by paying for their own dinner and making a donation for conference expenses (and to pay the speaker’s dinner) of $20.  Those who attend the conference at 7 PM are asked to make a voluntary donation of $5 to help pay for coffee, desert and other conference expenses.

In addition to the keynote remarks of Gil Davis on “Barack Obama’s War on Seniors” there will also be a panel discussion with additional speakers on the same topic, plus other conservatives in an agenda that each month begins with a 7 to 7:30 PM coffee & desert social and then adjourns at 9 PM.

Each month’s keynote speaker has their remarks placed on this conference website (both video and text).

For those who are interested to attend and hear Gil Davis and participate in this and future conferences write to

Future monthly Freedom Leadership Conference functions are scheduled:

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6/12/13 Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force (tentative keynote: Jim Lafferty)

7/17/13 American Border Control (Topic: Illegal Immigration)

8/21/13 Available (venue reserved)

9/11/13 U.S. Intelligence Council (China CyberThreat & Movie, Free China: The Courage to Believe)

10/17/13 Available (exact date & venue to be selected)

11/12/13 Uniformed Services League (Topic: Save our Servicemen Rally)

12/5/13 Available (exact date & venue to be selected)

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