Support VA Accountability Act at June 24 Conference

Can Caldwell (L) for Concerned Veterans for America and Dr. Johnny L. Simpson, Jr. (R) for Uniformed Services League, headline May 24 conference their organizations are sponsoring.

Can Caldwell (L) for Concerned Veterans for America and Dr. Johnny L. Simpson, Jr. (R) for Uniformed Services League, headline May 24 conference their organizations are sponsoring.

Warning: Americans in the future will regret not taking care of Veterans Today

Conference Sponsored by Concerned Veterans for America & Uniformed Services League

Uniformed Services League (USL) issued a call to the public and especially conservatives worried about the declining national defense capability of the United States to attend its June 24 Conference focused on the continuing scandal at the Veterans Administration, saying “those who don’t take care of the military when things are relatively peaceful will regret their mistake in the future when we again need dedicated warriors to defend our country.”  Attendance at the 7:30 to 9 PM conference is free but an advance RSVP is requested, with an earlier dinner with the conference’s two keynote speakers and leadership scheduled for 5:30 PM (doors open) to 7 PM, RSVP HERE, conference FLYER HERE.  The “early bird” discount for dinner expires at 11 PM today (Monday, June 15).

Dr. Johnny Simpson, Jr. will speak for Uniformed Services League at the conference while the other conference sponsor, Concerned Veterans for America (CVA), is sending its Legislative and Political Director, Dan Caldwell, to be the 2nd principal conference speaker at the Hilton Garden Inn on Route 50 near I-66 in Fair Oaks.

Concerned Veterans for America and Uniformed Services League strongly support passage of the VA Accountability Act, a bill introduced by House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman, Representative Jeff Miller, to empower the VA to remove any employee, not just senior executives, for misconduct or poor performance.

RSVP for Wed. 6/24 Freedom Leadership Conference
Hilton Garden Inn (Rt. 50 near I-66, Fair Oaks VA)
Complementary Conference 7:30 PM (doors open 7 PM)
or to Order Dinner 6 PM (doors open 5:30 PM)

Conference Flyer (PDF)

There is a discount from the dinner which expires at the end of Monday, June 15 so we strongly urge our readers who may be interested in supporting this important cause and conference and also who wish to save money to register no later than the end of the day.  The funds paid early – even though barely covering the conference dinner cost – are urgently needed because the hotel is due to collect its fees by the next day.  There is also a discount for couples who attend the dinner.  The actual conference at 7:30 PM to 9 PM is free, although a donation of $5 per person is asked for at the door from those who have reserved their free ticket in advance (no one is admitted without this advance RSVP).

The conference speakers will focus their attention on the scandal where thousands of veterans have been kept waiting for the medical care they needed, and the one year anniversary of the leaks about the scandal has come and gone while only one (1) government employee has been fired.  Two government workers who spoke to outside sources about the leaks have been disciplined – to shut them up.

More details about the conference can be found in the earlier article on this website on the subject – scroll down or click HERE.

The Freedom Leadership Conference was founded 15 years ago as an annual event and has been sponsored over the years by some of the leading conservative cause, patriotic, traditional values, economics focused and coalition conservative groups in America as well as several leading publications such as Human Events and The Washington Times National Weekly Edition.  Its Facebook page is HERE and a free e-newsletter FREEDOM DIGIST is available HERE.

Sponsors for the Freedom Leadership Conference choose the keynote speaker and conference topic and are still being sought for conferences in September, October, while the November conference has a sponsor to focus on the national defense issue and a salute to America’s veterans.  Interested parties – and those who simply wish to make a quick RSVP for the free 6/24 conference – can email to

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Earlier Article about June 24 Conference with more details

Conference Sponsor, Concerned Veterans for America

Conference Sponsor, Uniformed Services League

Thurmont Statement: Conference Statement of Purpose

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