“What We Conservatives Want” Conference Sat. November 12

17th Annual Freedom Leadership Conference to be sponsored by Gun Owners of America, US Intelligence Council, Uniformed Services League, Ronald Reagan Lecture Series

The Seventeenth Annual Freedom Leadership Conference with the theme “What we Conservatives Want” in 2017 will be held on Saturday, November 12, 2016 starting with a 12 noon luncheon and concluding at 5 PM at the Wingate by Wyndham Chantilly, Dulles Airport, 3940 Centerview Drive, Chantilly, VA 20151 to be sponsored by United States Intelligence Council and co-sponsored by Gun Owners of America, Uniformed Services League, Ronald Reagan Lecture Series and other conservative groups to be announced.

An additional conference theme is a review of the November 8 election results, and a Veterans Day Salute.  Advance Registration is required for the luncheon (only $17) or for the conference starting 1 PM (only $5, free for luncheon attendees), RSVP HERE, strictly required for admittance.

The most comprehensive statement of conservative principles, the Thurmont Statement of Conservative Principles, will be reviewed at the conference.  Modifications, amendments or changes will be considered in advance of the conference, write to Editor@ThurmontStatement.org.  No better list of “what we conservatives want” can be found than this for a new President and new Congress starting in 2017.

Sponsor United States Intelligence Council, a founding primary sponsor of the conference 17 years ago in California, will have its speaker focus on the new China Threat to the USA in 2017 to be introduced by their Program Director Richard Buck (who is also the conference Event Coordinator).  USIC has been a conference sponsor more than a dozen times in 17 years.  Mr. Buck has opened and also adjourned almost every conference, several times a year, for the past 5 years since it was moved to Northern Virginia from Thurmont, Maryland.

Past Sponsor Gun Owners of America will be a Co-Sponsor, providing their very popular President Larry Pratt as their speaker on the topic Defending Gun Rights in 2017.  Gun Owners of America has been a Conference Sponsor twice in the past.

Past Conference Sponsor Uniformed Services League, will be a co-sponsor with a speaker to lead a Veterans Day Salute, and to focus on The VA Hospitals Scandal, Reform in 2017.  USL speaks out against the “Bait and Switch” policy of the U.S. government where experienced soldiers were paid bonus as much as $15,000 to reenlist and then 15 years later they have demanded that the bonus money be paid back.

Many of those experienced servicemen were sent into combat 10 or 15 years ago and some lost an arm or a leg or suffered a traumatic injury.  Killing this government“bait and switch” policy permanently would be a great way to help servicemen celebrate Veterans Day.

Co-Sponsor The Ronald Reagan Lecture Series, Nhan Lam, a first generation American from Vietnam speaking about American Exceptionalism to be introduced by RRLS Executive Director Andrea Thornock.

Deluxe Premium Boar’s Head Artisan Luncheon to be featured. 

Fresh from the Carving Board: Premium brand luncheon sandwich wraps including (1) Boars Head Londonport Roast Beef & Cheddar Cheese, (2) Boars Head Ovengold Turkey and Swiss Cheese, (3) Boars Head Genoa Salami & Jarlsburg Swiss Cheese.  All Sandwich Wraps with Lettuce, tomato, roasted pepper and raw onion and low carb bread wrap.  Mayo, mustard & sliced roasted sweet peppers options on the side for your wrap.  Mediterranean Olives Medley.  Salads available to accompany your sandwich include: (1) macaroni, chopped vegetables & shredded swiss salad, (2) German Potato salad, (3) traditional American cole slaw, assortment of olives.  Water and Iced Tea (sweetened or unsweetened).  Your choice of deluxe Chocolate Chip Cookies and decadent Brownies.  Special dietary needs, please make your request by email 48 hours in advance of event (ie. by Thurs. 5 PM latest).

All attendees are required to RSVP and only those who have done so are admitted.

The Freedom Leadership Conference has been sponsored by over 60 of the leading conservative cause, patriotic, anti-tax and national defense organizations in America for nearly 20 years.  It changed from an annual conference to a several times a year conference in Northern Virginia starting five years ago.  Each conference is sponsored ($500) or co-sponsored ($250) by an organization which provides the main speakers.

Additional Speakers at every conference (schedule permitting) on these topics:
1. The Thurmont Statement of Conservative Principles,
2. Saul Alinsky Smear of the Month Award for one leftist
3. Conference Purposes and Membership Benefits
4. Brief reports by leaders of other conservative cause organizations welcome (priority to past sponsors)
5. How to be a Conservative Volunteer (Lightning Round)
(*to volunteer to speak on any of these topics please write to EventCoordinator@FreedomLeadershipConference).

Military Veterans & those with legal firearms (concealed weapon or open carry) admitted free to conference (ID required) or may have $5 discount from any meal function.  We appreciate the extra safety that citizens who exercise their legal right to bear firearms extend to the participants of our conference, making it one of the safest public places in all of northern Virginia.

The Freedom Leadership Conference is a private event.  Attendees who have advance reserved their place are only admitted on the understanding that they will abide by the conference rules, which includes no recording or photography.  Those who attend the conference dinner or lunch held in advance of each conference to honor the keynote speaker and associate with the conference leadership are added to the membership roll unless they object, and receive the free e-newsletter.

This conference is held several times a year with a different sponsor and program, starting as an annual event in southern California called Western Conservative Conference in 1999, with over 60 sponsor organizations over the years.

The Freedom Leadership Conference moved east after three years, and since late 2012 has been a periodic, several times a year, weeknight event held in Northern Virginia.

Additional sponsors ($500), co-sponsors ($250) and speakers (to be provided by the sponsors and co-sponsors) are being sought for the conference and will be announced.  For info write EventCoordinator@FreedomLeadershipConference.org.  To use email to reserve your place at the conference 1 to 5 PM write RSVP@FreedomLeadershipConference.org (cannot be used to RSVP for lunch, which must be paid in advance at our Eventbrite page, HERE).

(note: this article was revised from the original posted on 8/24 due to schedule changes by sponsors and/or co-sponsors.  All speaker announcements subject to further revision.)
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