A Conference for People of Faith set for August 21

Pennsylvania State Rep. & book author Stephen Bloom, and Birthmother Ministries President Jim Wright, will be principal speakers at August 21 Freedom Leadership Conference in Northern Virginia

Pennsylvania State Rep. & book author Stephen Bloom, and Birthmother Ministries President Jim Wright, will be principal speakers at August 21 Freedom Leadership Conference in Northern Virginia

Birthmother Ministries to Sponsor Author & Representative Stephen Bloom

“They’ve Crossed the Line” says author and Pennsylvania State Representative Stephen Bloom, who wrote a book with that title.  His “Patriot’s Guide to Religious Freedom” gives concrete examples of how conservatives can fight back in the legal process during the “Age of Obama” with its increasing restrictions on how people of faith can express their beliefs.

Bloom will appear as the keynote speaker and guest of honor at the Freedom Leadership Conference on August 21, 2013, sponsored by Birthmother Ministries.  It is being billed as “A Conference for People of Faith.”

“It isn’t enough for people of faith to go into their Churches to pray and worship,” explains conference sponsor, Birthmother Ministries Founder and President, Jim Wright.  “We must also go out into the world as we were commanded,” continues Wright, “and show our faith by our works.”

Birthmother Ministries gives Christians a way to show their faith in works, explaining at their website: “83% post-abortive women say they would have changed their decision if they had support from a special person during pregnancy. That’s why Birthmothers Friends help save lives.”  They do this by providing one-to-one counseling and help to women facing unplanned pregnancy.  They save lives, period.

“It isn’t enough to be against abortion and opposed to the suppression of people of faith and their churches,” says Wright, who volunteers his time for the organization he founded.  “We need you to attend this conference and learn more about what you can do to defend our faith in the public square.  There are 3000 babies being aborted every day—more than the number who died on 9/11.  We pray you will be there with us on August 21.”

Pennsylvania State Representative Stephen Bloom will deliver the keynote remarks, focused on the subject of his book, a “self defense” manual for Christians who have seen their religious liberties come under increasing attack in recent years.  Legal options with various specific cases are explained by Bloom and his co-author, who are both attorneys.

The Bloom book, “They’ve Crossed the Line: a Patriot’s Guide to Religious Freedom” is available for purchase from Amazon.com for $14.60 (including tax and delivery) but will be made available at the August 21 Freedom Leadership Conference for $10 – a savings of $4.60 per book.  The author will be delighted to autograph books during the conference social time, either from 7 to 7:30 PM or from 9 to 9:30 PM (during which time coffee, tea and dessert is served).  The books will be sold on a “first come first served” basis, with priority to those who advance request their book when they reserve their seat at the conference HERE.

The Freedom Leadership Conference anticipates the possibility that there will be standing room only, limited attendance (as there was the last time we met at this venue), so if you wish to attend this August 21 function (7 PM begins with coffee, tea & dessert, free with a suggested donation $5 at the door) be sure to reserve your place NOW.

Representative Bloom will be introduced by Pennsylvania conservative attorney, Andy Shaw, who came to national attention in a series of Red State articles about his GOP primary challenge to “Planned Parenthood’s favorite legislator” last year.  Although he could not overcome an entrenched, multi-term Republican incumbent, Shaw has continued as a new voice for traditional conservatives in the keystone state, and will deliver remarks and also introduce his fellow Pennsylvanian, Representative Bloom, at the August 21 conference.

The annual Freedom Leadership Conference was founded 14 years ago as the “Western Conservative Conference in southern California by 35 conservative legislators and over 30 conservative cause organizations and moved to the east coast several years ago, where at a Maryland town near the Camp David Presidential country retreat, the “Thurmont Statement of Conservative Principles” was adopted.

In late 2012, the Freedom Leadership Conference made several significant changes, becoming a monthly conference in Northern Virginia and reserved for Conference Members only.  New “Provisional Members” are welcome to submit complementary application, if they have been a volunteer conservative in the past, agree to abide by the conference rules, and are in agreement with the conference purpose, send online application HERE.  There is also an option to become a conference SUBSCRIBER (which does not include invitations to any meetings).

Those whose application has been approved do not pay dues but receive the Freedom Digest email newsletter several times a month alerting them on new developments at the conference, including links to the full text and video recorded keynote speakers’ remarks.  Most important, a new Provisional Member is invited to attend one or more conferences to determine if they would like to continue as a full member.  There are no dues for any category of membership.

Each month’s conference is sponsored by a different conservative, patriotic or faith based organization, for which there is no fee.  This enables various organizations to present their agenda in a 30 minute presentation, which includes 14 minutes keynoter remarks.

The August 21 Conference will actually include two principal speakers: Birthmother Ministries President and Founder Jim Wright, and Pennsyvlania State Representative and book author Stephen Bloom.

The July Freedom Leadership Conference was sponsored by American Border Control, which provided its Executive Director, Jon Moseley, as the keynote speaker, on the economic costs of amnesty for illegal aliens.  The conference also heard from yet another of the “New Americans by Choice” on the subject, Why I Chose America.

Both American Border Control and its co-sponsor for the July Conference, New Americans by Choice, have been past sponsors of the Freedom Leadership Conference.  A more detailed report will be provided shortly, including text and video of Jon Moseley’s remarks.

There is a discounted “early bird” rate for those conference members who wish to have dinner with the two principal speakers for the August 21 conference.  The location is provided to those who are already approved as members, not via this website or via email to new Provisional Member applicants.

In addition to the series of “New Americans by Choice” on “Why I Chose America” a number of other speakers will be heard from in the ongoing monthly series, including:

* “My favorite section of The Thurmont Statement of Conservative Principles and why I chose it” (5 minutes by someone new selected at the conference),

* “Lightning Round” of up to 10 speakers at 1 minute each, on “What I have done recently as a conservative volunteer” (this does NOT count campaign work – but volunteer time or donations made to support conservative causes and/or organizations).

* “The Saul Alinsky Smear of the Month” Award to a leftist who recently smeared a conservative or our cause, presented and explained by David Denholm, President of Public Service Research Foundation.  Write with suggestions: LeftSmear@FreedomLeadershipConference.org.

New Alinsky-Style Smear attack on this Conference

The Alinsky Award takes on new significance in recent months, as several conservatives have reported a new series of smears directed against the Freedom Leadership Conference itself, designed to scare away participation by speakers, sponsors and attendees.  In the past, we have tracked down several sources of these smears: one at a website labeled by Human Events as “the sixth worst hate site in America,” and a second by someone who has made a career out of smearing and attacking conservatives, especially traditional, national defense and full spectrum conservatives.”

A new “Conference Legal Defense Fund” has been created to collect donations to file lawsuit against those who continue to slander (verbally) and libel (in writing including emails) the Conference.   Using the courts to defend conservatives and counter attack those who continue to use despicable, hateful, defamatory Saul Alinsky tactics, is in fact, a topic of double interest at this particular conference.  The latter individual has in the past already had a finding against him by a court of law for a vicious libel against a political opponent and was ordered to pay damages to the party he had been found to have injured with his smear.  Why is this “Legal Defense” topic of “double interest” at the August 21 Conference?

First, because it is the subject of the book by Rep. Bloom, and second, because it is the subject of the ongoing “Saul Alinsky Smear” Award.  With sufficient funding, an attorney can be engaged to determine where legal action is warranted, and the individual who smears conservatives with malicious and defamatory material can be held to account.   We have had several reports of individuals, or speakers, or sponsors, who have heard the threatening defamation and backed away from the conference out of fear that they themselves could be targeted and hurt.  Should we consider our legal options when lies about the conference are spread?

Do you think those who smear conservatives with vicious lies should be held to account when there is a way to file suit against them?  If you think so, then donate HERE.

If you have yourself been approached either by phone or by email with defamatory claims against the conference, please forward the email you received, or an email explaining what you were told, to Chairman@FreedomLeadershipConference.org or telephone any of our conference leaders right away.  We are also willing to hold any such report confidential if you send it “attention legal counsel, for legal advise only, confidential.”  We have received several such reports already.

Exposing such Alinsky tactics used routinely against conservatives, is essential, but so are specifics about what we can do to counter attack a tactic that is used so often because sadly, it works so often.  We especially look forward to the remarks of the speakers at the August 21 conference on this subject.

If you are a member we hope you will join us – either for the dinner honoring the principal speakers at 5 PM, or at the conference at 7 PM if you are new.  The price of tickets for the dinner includes a donation to help fund conference promotion and internet expenses (including this website), which is not covered by the very small donation collected at the door by conference attendees at 7 PM.

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