Salon writer nominated for “Saul Alinsky Leftist Smear of the Month” award for saying “Let’s hope Boston Marathon bomber is a white American.”

David Sirota of the leftist online website Salon has been nominated for the Wednesday, April 24 “Saul Alinsky Leftist Smear of the Month Award” after writing “Let’s hope Boston Marathon Bomber is a white American.”

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Sirota was worried that if the bomber turns out to be a “Muslim and/or a foreigner from the developing world” then conservatives might use that against his beloved President Barack Obama to block their plan to liberalize immigration reform, impose more national defense spending cuts, end war, stop global warming, etc.

Other contenders for this month’s award, to be announced by noted “Alinsky Lecturer” David Denholm, include CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer, who speculated on a link between Patriots Day and the motive behind the bombings.

David Denholm has given monthly talks on Saul Alinsky methods at most of the monthly Freedom Leadership Conferences since late 2012.   He serves as President of the Public Service Research Foundation and is considered one of the founders of the modern day American conservative movement.

Another contender for the April “Alinsky Smearing Conservatives” award is NBC News reporter Luke Russert, who speculated that the 1993 Waco siege, which also occurred on Patriots Day, may have inspired a rightwing terrorist attack in Boston last week.

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof would have pulled ahead of his competitors for this month’s “Saul Alinsky Leftist Smear of the Month” Award except that he later apologized for his tweet last Monday, where he said “Explosion is a reminder that ATF needs a director.  Shame on Senate Republicans for blocking apptment.”

The Daily Caller posted an especially outstanding article on this subject, HERE,

Sirota remains the frontrunner for the award because as the Daily Caller illustrates, he has a better track record of trashing conservatives with below the belt, nasty and despicable hits.

In December, “in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre” Sirota said “a new profiling system should be established to monitor mentally-ill individuals, but that Republicans would not support that effort because it would mean profiling white men.”

Sirota’s Salon article uses blistering radical left attack dog language and accusations against America of a double standard, to criticize any notion of a war on terrorism.

Sirota’s concern is that if the Boston Bomber turned out to be a Muslim from a foreign country (as it turned out to be the case), then this would be used by conservatives to attack the full range of leftist policy goals such as “immigration reform” (ie. liberalizing American immigration law.”

The Freedom Leadership Conference shows what a prophet David Sirota turned out to be, scheduling two last minute speakers to specifically address “Will Liberalizing Immigration Produce More Boston Bombers” with Richard Conn, and author and first generation American, Dr. Ileana Johnson addressing “Illegals No, New Americans & Exceptionalism Yes” at the Wednesday, 4/24 conference.

At press time the morning of the conference, there is no word as to whether the conference keynote speaker, Gil Davis, will blame the Boston Marathon Bombers for anything in his remarks, “The Obama War On Seniors, A Comprehensive but Short Review of how Seniors face a world of pain because of the Presidency of Barack Obama”

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The May 15 conference will be sponsored by Gun Owners of America with their Executive Director, Larry Pratt, as the keynote speaker.

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Conference organizers advise that attorney Gil Davis, who will deliver the keynote remarks, has such a powerful summary of specifics in his documenting the Obama War on Seniors, that he has been asked to revise and extend his remarks beyond the 14 minutes which is normally allocated to sponsors each month.

Davis, admired by conservatives across America for his work for Paula Jones against Bill Clinton (which led to the Clinton impeachment and disbarment by the Arkansas Bar Association for lying under oath, will have his remarks segmented and released in several different shorter videos and posted on this website within the next month.  The entire remarks will be posted as text in this space.

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