Concerned Veterans for America Speaker Kurt Lofquist to blast Obama VA Culture of Deceit at Wednesday Freedom Leadership Conference in Northern Virginia

Marine veteran Kurt Lofquist, scheduled as one of the principal speakers at the Wed. 6/24 Freedom Leadership Conference, speaks out in this video in March, 2014, after his combat service in Iraq and prior to his appointment as Virginia State Director for Concerned Veterans for America.

Uniformed Services League Speaker Dr. Johnny Simpson, Jr. to say Obama VA is killing or hurting American Veterans this Wednesday

Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) speaker Kurt Lofquist will blast President Barack Obama’s Department of Veterans Affairs “Culture of Deceit, of cooking the books, of putting the department’s needs first instead of the veterans needs” at the Wednesday, June 24 Freedom Leadership Conference in Northern Virginia, which is still accepting reservations for its free event that runs from 7:30 to 9 PM.

Uniformed Services League (USL) speaker Dr. Johnny L. Simpson, Jr. will bluntly tell the conference “they are killing or hurting American veterans who were promised medical care and are not getting it” at the conference sponsored by USL and CVF.

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It has been over one year since the American people learned through a whistleblower report that many hospitals in the Department of Veterans Affairs system had two sets of books – one showing a short waiting list for veterans waiting for medical care and the second set showing the truth.  In the one year since the VA Wait Scandal has been revealed, an additional $16 billion of funding has been provided during the next three years by the GOP Congress, while the number of veterans waiting 90 days or more for the promised care, has nearly doubled.

An advance draft of both principal speakers for the Wednesday nite gathering of “full spectrum conservatives” and those interested in learning more has been provided to this publication but is embargoed for release until both speakers have finished their presentations on Wednesday night, after which both will be posted at this website and to subscribers of the free conference e-newsletter Freedom Digest (complementary subscription HERE).

As a Gulf War veteran I learned that if you don’t claim your Post Traumatic Stress Disorder benefits within the first two years of departing the military then VA will simply reject your claim and turn their back on you, despite your military service to America.
-Dr. Johnny L. Simpson, Uniformed Services League remarks for 6/24 Conference

Kurt Lofquist is the State Director for Concerned Veterans for America and a veteran Marine who served in Iraq and will share details of his experience both in the military and with the VA.  He will focus on the neglect and the deceit by the Department of Veterans Affairs and legislation which can help correct this glaring problem.

Dr. Johnny Simpson has personal experience with the VA as a disabled veteran and has worked with veterans who are struggling to get the life-saving care and help they were promised.  He will focus especially on several of the cases he is working on now where veterans continue to get the run-around from VA rather than the care they were promised but are not receiving.

The recent media spotlight, Lofquist will say, means that “many more people are listening,” and that now “is an excellent time to start addressing the neglect of veterans inside the VA system and work to fix it.”

As basic military leadership teaches us, if the command element is rotten, it will trickle down and influence the entire unit.  This is no different within a government bureaucracy like the VA .
-Kurt Lofquist of Concerned Veterans for America, remarks for 6/24 Conference

Dr. Simpson’s experience with trying to obtain the promised care for veterans will shock and anger those who listen with an open mind and hopefully both presentations will cause people to join in pressing Congress to continue to demand accountability from the Obama VA for fulfilling its mandate to take care of those who served America in uniform.

At stake, Dr. Simpson will tell the conference, is the fate of “over 600,000 military veterans waiting for disability determination.”

Both speakers on Wednesday will urge support for passage by the Senate and the House of the VA Accountability Act of 2015, “to provide for the removal or demotion of employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs based on performance or misconduct.”

The Obama VA is in no hurry to help these veterans and deliver on the promises made to them.  It is not hard for us to imagine why.  Only 15% of active duty servicemen have indicated a favorable impression of President Barack Obama.  It does not take a political scientist to figure out that when American veterans vote in elections they vote against the President’s party.

Is keeping them sick and causing pain, suffering and even death to so many veterans, actually a political weapon to suppress military votes?  Usually, sick and dead people don’t vote, except perhaps in heavily Democratic Party precincts such as Chicago and in Philadelphia (where some heavily Democratic precincts reported a 105% vote turnout) where it is all Democrat votes.  Active duty American servicemen have a difficult time while on active duty and serving abroad to be able to vote and those who do manage to caste an absentee ballot don’t always have that vote counted back home.

The conference on Wednesday nite is an opportunity for those concerned about the neglect of our veterans to extend their support and thanks to those who have put their lives on the line for our country by their service in uniform.  We hope those within drive distance will make every effort to attend.

As shown in the youtube video at the start of this article, Kurt Lofquist has been most articulate in speaking out as a critic of the Obama Administration in the past.

Dr. Johnny L. Simpson goes out of his way to employ military veterans at his internet website consulting and development firm Vetscon.

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