Conference Keynote Speaker this Thursday Admiral James Lyons has spoken out on Benghazi Before

Joins the Conference in recommending new movie, 13 HOURS: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

Admiral James Lyons, the keynote speaker for the Freedom Leadership Conference this Thursday nite, February 4, is a longstanding critic of President Barack Obama but has also been an advocate willing to criticize both Republican and Democratic administrations in the past.  He has raised serious questions about weak American policy and says in a speech on Sept. 28 in Washington DC, that he never got an answer from anyone in Republican or Democratic administrations for weak defense policies.

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“I have never seen a coverup as intense as the Benghazi coverup” Admiral Lyons says in the remarks shown on this video.  Why did you hold those who were on the ground in Benghazi incommunicado for so long from the media and from testifying, he asked in these remarks delivered on July 31, 2013 before the Citizens Commission on Benghazi.

Admiral Lyons reminds his audience, which we present here with this article, that with the Watergate coverup, no one had been killed, Americans had not been attacked, as happened at Benghazi.  Congress should take at least as much interest in breaking this coverup as it did with Watergate.

Admiral Lyons points out that the U.S. Ambassador’s request for reinforcements was rejected and worse, Hillary Clinton’s State Department actually reduced the forces available to defend the embassy, the Ambassador and the Americans working there.  His remarks 2 ½ years ago were presented by Roger Aranoff, who has spoken at a past Freedom Leadership Conference, and in behalf of Accuracy in Media, which in the past has been a conference sponsor (they were invited to participate this Thursday also but declined because of a schedule conflict).

Among other things, Admiral Lyons points out that they could have had 130 Marines on the ground within hours, and could have had F-16 warplanes flying and even strafing ground targets within 90 minutes of the start of the attack.

We also now have seen publicly revealed recently that a “Commander-in-Extremis” (CIF) Force of Green Berets who answer directly to the Theater Commander in Chief, could have been on the ground to help protect the American Ambassador and American lives within hours.  These are not merely Green Berets but the “best of the best” and specially trained for exactly this contingency.  This has become public thanks to the efforts of another of the past sponsors of the Freedom Leadership Conference, Judicial Watch and another of their famous “Freedom of Information Act” lawsuits.

We recommend the new video which came out on January 15 to your attention because the Admiral’s points are just as valid today as they were when he made them two and a half years ago.

Much of this is addressed in the book, and now the new movie which we most strongly recommend, 13 HOURS: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, which has been increased due to demand to 3,000 theaters nationwide.

But we most strongly recommend you should stay tuned for Admiral Lyon’s new remarks to be delivered this Thursday, presented by conference co-sponsor Uniformed Services League.  He will focus on the question he concludes his remarks of 2 and ½ years ago, commenting on the notorious testimony of Hillary Clinton, “what difference does it make?”

You can attend the conference if you are in the area and within drive distance or you can make sure you are fully subscribed to the free e-newsletter put out by the conference so that when the remarks are posted (both text and video) you will get a notice about it right away, subscribe (free) HERE.

The Conference starts at 7 PM (until 9 PM) and is Free but an RSVP to attend is recommend HERE, and there are still a limited number of seats at a private dinner honoring Admiral Lyons and the conference speakers which starts at 5:30 PM, reserve HERE or send an email to (you must provide your name, zip code and indicate which you would like to attend, conference, dinner or both?).

In addition, the second conference co-sponsor, GrasstopsUSA, will present for the second time, its own President Christopher Carmouche, who spoke in the past about this very topic.

Uniformed Services League will also present Michael Pregent, former Intelligence Advisor to General Anthony Petreus, and Director of Veterans Against the Iran Deal.

The Conference keynote speaker, Admiral James Lyons, is also presented by Uniformed Services League.  Lyons is the former Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet, and President/CEO of LION Associates LLC, a premier global, consulting firm providing counsel and advice on foreign policy and security affairs, and a regular op-ed columnist).


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