“LEGALIZE ILLEGALS?” asks July 17 Conference

Jon Moseley, the keynote speaker for the July 17 Freedom Leadership Conference, is one of the founders of the new monthly Conference series started in late 2012 after operating for 14 years as an annual function.  He is shown here as a speaker  at the December 5, 2012 conference.

Jon Moseley, the keynote speaker for the July 17 Freedom Leadership Conference, is one of the founders of the new monthly Conference series started in late 2012 after operating for 14 years as an annual function. He is shown here as a speaker at the December 5, 2012 conference.

“Why Conservatives Still Say no to amnesty” replies Jon Moseley

Panel of “New Americans by Choice” to explain “Why I Chose America”

The Executive Director of American Border Control will answer the question, “Legalize Illegals?” which is pending before the U.S. House of Representatives at the July 17 Freedom Leadership Conference.

Jon Moseley, Executive Director of the July Conference co-sponsor, American Border Control, will answer “Why Conservatives still say no to amnesty” in his keynote remarks.

Moseley, who is an attorney who maintains a private practice in Virginia and currently resides in Florida, is also a Philadelphia Radio Talk Show Host and also does political campaign consulting.

A second co-sponsor for the July conference will present “New Americans By Choice” speaking on “Why I Chose America.”

It is the contention of conference co-sponsor New Americans by Choice, that America is the country that is most welcoming of foreigners in the world, and that liberals and leftists who keep repeating the accusation of racism and anti-foreigner against America and/or against conservatives are either lying or simply very mistaken.  They will present three “first generation” Americans by choice to address the subject popularly called “American exceptionalism.”

Every month’s Freedom Leadership Conference is for members only with an advance RSVP required.   Provisional or temporary membership application can be made HERE.

Such Provisional Membership enables you to attend one meeting if your application is approved, and then you have the option of asking to extend your membership to attend future meetings.  The same link also provides you the option to become a Freedom Digest email newsletter subscriber instead (where you will not be invited to attend any conference but will be kept informed of new updates and bulletins at this website).  Members, Provisional Members and Subscribers all receive the email newsletter and there are no dues or required contributions.


This month’s conference will be a first in that it will be hosted at a private residence of a couple who have supported the conference and attended almost every meeting since it changed to a monthly, members only, invitation only function in late 2012.  In fact, one of them has been a speaker at most of the conferences and was the “Master of Ceremonies” at the last conference, a role he will reprise at the conference being held at his home.

The Conference will begin with a variety of desserts, coffee and tea at this private residence located 5 miles south of the I-95 and I-495 intersection off I-95.  The exact location will be emailed to those members who send an RSVP (write RSVP@FreedomLeadershipConference.org) or who use the conference eventbrite page to register.

For the first time, there is also an open call for donations to help defray the cost of the monthly conference, which can be done online HERE.

Attendance is free but a $5 donation is requested at the door to defray refreshment expenses and other conference costs.

Each month’s conference is preceded by a dinner of the Conference Leadership Council honoring the keynote speaker.   The deadline for the “early bird rate” for this month’s conference ($30) is this Friday evening, July 5, at 11 PM, after which the normal price is $35 if paid in advance online (or by check postmarked by the deadline) or with an advance RSVP/reservation, $40 to be paid at the door.  To make your reservation or secure the discounted dinner price go HERE.

While new members are welcome to make application for Provisional (or temporary) Membership to attend the conference at 7 PM, the dinner is restricted to those who are already full members and have attended the conference (although exceptions have been made for well known or long standing conservatives).

Summer Barbecue

This month’s dinner is a “Summer Barbecue” with a lovely outdoor garden as our backdrop, and will start a half hour earlier than usual, with doors open at 4:30 PM for confirmed dinner guests and dinner served at 5 PM.  The Conference coffee & dessert social starts at 7 PM and the actual program kicks off at 7:30 PM.

A flyer for the conference can be viewed (or printed out) HERE.

The “eventbrite” page to reserve your place at either the conference for new, Provisional Members or, if you are already a member at the Summer Barbecue dinner, is HERE.

If you are not yet a member of the Freedom Leadership Conference you can make application for a Provisional (candidate or temporary) membership HERE.

Each month’s speaker will have their remarks videotaped and placed on youtube with a link at this website, and full text of remarks will also be carried here.

Each month’s conference has also had a presentation of the “Saul Alinsky Smear Conservatives Award” for the leftist who had done the nastiest job of unfairly attacking conservatives.  Most of the presentations – which include a Certificate sent to the “award winner” – have been done by our resident Saul Alinsky expert, David Denholm, President of Public Service Research Council.  We welcome your suggestion for every month’s award, write to LeftSmear@FreedomLeadershipConference.org.

If you missed last month’s conference (or want to share it with others) see Global Islamic Movement Takes Aim at America from Within, John Guandolo Names Enemies at Freedom Leadership Conference.

The June 12 conference was sponsored by U.S. Intelligence Council and Understanding the Threat.

New Links

New links added recently as a result of last month’s conference are here:

Global Islamic Movement Takes Aim at America from Within, Text of Keynote Speaker John Guandolo Remarks at June 6, 2013 Freedom Leadership Conference

7/17/13 “Summer Barbecue” Conference on “Legalize Illegals: why conservatives still say no to Amnesty” and “New Americans by Choice” panel on “Why We Chose America.” (Flyer/PDF)

Eventbrite Invitation & RSVP Reply Form for 7/17/13 “Summer Barbecue” Conference on “Legalize Illegals: why conservatives still say no to Amnesty” and “New Americans by Choice” panel on “Why We Chose America.” 

Video of John Guandolo’s Remarks at 6/12 Conference:  Part 1 (Introductory) and Part 2 (Main part of remarks).

The Freedom Leadership Conference of Wednesday, August 21 will be sponsored by the Black Robe Regiment of Virginia, featuring their founder and executive director, Rev. William Cook, as the keynote speaker.

A second keynote speaker has been added for August 21, Pennsylvania State Representative Stephen Bloom, Co-Author, They’ve Crossed the Line: A Patriot’s Guide to Religious Freedom, with an introduction by former presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, Founder of Patriot Voices.  Copies of the book will be available for purchase and autographing at the conference along with photo opportunity for those who attend the dinner.

August 21 Conference: Americans of Faith, Rising

The theme of the August 21 conference is “The New American Civil Rights Movement: Americans of Faith, Rising.”

Dinner tickets will go on sale at the “super early bird rate” of $30 at the 7/21 conference (payment by cash or check enables you to avoid any fees from Eventbrite for online ticket purchase, and saves the Conference the charges from Paypal).

Rev. Cook had made a very positive impression attending the June 12 conference on the invitation of keynote speaker John Guandolo, and was asked to briefly speak.  He had been on the stage with Glen Beck and other members of the nationwide “Black Robe Regiment” movement for the anti-IRS rally very recently.

The Freedom Leadership Conference is coming up on the end of its 14th year since it began as a monthly conference in southern California called the Western Conservative Conference.  It moved east and changed to Freedom Leadership Conference after three years, and changed again to a monthly function in Northern Virginia in late 2012, with attendance limited members only.

A Northern Virginia monthly conference for conservatives

The requirement for membership application approval is that the candidate must be a volunteer conservative (a donor or activist), agree to abide by the conference rules, and be in general agreement with the conference purposes – all of which are listed on the conference website.  Those who wish to submit such application have recently had that task simplified, just click HERE  (or you may simply request a free newsletter subscription to be kept informed).

Conference Sponsor still being sought for 12/5

Each month’s Freedom Leadership Conference is sponsored by a different conservative cause group, with the 12/5 conference the only date remaining available at this date.  There is no required fee or donation for the sponsor, which provides the keynote speaker and is given 30 minutes of time on the agenda (14 minutes for the keynote remarks and the balance to explain the purpose of the organization, or extension of remarks or Questions & Answers).  If you can recommend an organization for this date please write to us at EventCoordinator@FreedomLeadershipConference.org.

The Conference Agenda for the balance of 2013

7/17/13 American Border Control & New Americans by Choice (Illegal Immigration & Why I Chose America)

8/21/13 VA Black Robe Regiment (Americans of Faith, Rising))

9/11/13 U.S. Intelligence Council & GrasstopsUSA (China CyberThreat & Movie, Free China: The Courage to Believe)

10/17/13 Thomas Jefferson Institute (Keynote: Michael Thompson)

11/12/13 Uniformed Services League (Save our Servicemen Rally))

12/5/13 Available (sponsor, exact date & venue to be selected)

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