Sick of Obama? Listen to Reagan’s Fourth of July Message

 video headline: Freedom is not free.  A soldier’s pledge.  

As we celebrate another HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA today, July 4th, most of us here who are sick and tired of having to listen to Barack Obama almost daily on TV, remember how great it was to hear Ronald Reagan again and again, during the time he was President.

Here now, is a special message from President Reagan on the occasion of the 4th of July.  The message is excerpted from Reagan’s first Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981.  We are indebted to Sgt. Tom O’Conner, (USA, Ret.) for sending this on and also for his power point slide show presentation at one of our recent conferences.  Click the link, cheer yourself up with this 3 minutes of Ronald Reagan on the 4th of July – and share it.

And don’t forget that our July 17 Freedom Leadership Conference is coming up fast – for those who are already members you can still get the early bird dinner discount HERE  for a great “Summer Barbecue” at 4:30 PM and for everyone else you can join us at 7 PM for coffee, tea and several outstanding desserts at this special event at the private residence of one of our supporters, 5 miles south of I-495 & I-95 off I-95.  To reserve for dinner or for the conference go HERE.

The theme of the July 17 Conference is LEGALIZE ILLEGALS?  Why Conservatives Still Say No to Amnesty” featuring American Border Control Executive Director Jon Moseley.

American Border Control and New Americans by Choice are co-sponsors of this event with the timely topic debated in the House of Representatives, following passage of the legislation proposed by the McCain-Schumer Gangsters in the Senate.

There will be three “new Americans by Choice” speaking on “Why I Chose America” and other speakers including the announcement by David Denholm of a “Saul Alinsky Smear Conservatives Award” for this month’s most notorious liberal.  Final decision on the award will be at the dinner.   Nominations and suggestions are welcome at

If you missed the more detailed story on this 7/17 conference scroll down or click HERE to read  “LEGALIZE ILLEGALS?” asks July 17 Conference; “Why Conservatives Still Say no to amnesty” replies Jon Moseley; Panel of “New Americans by Choice” to explain “Why I Chose America”

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The July 17th Conference dinner starts earlier than normal at 4:30 PM, and will feature as our guest of honor, keynote speaker Jon Moseley, as well as an alumni of the conservative Young Americans for Freedom, Ron Meyer, who is a candidate for Congress in Northern Virginia.

Those who are conference members should purchase their dinner ticket by Friday, July 5th to secure the discounted “early bird” rate, HERE.  Those who make application for Provisional Membership (see above) still need to RSVP to attend the free conference starting at 7 PM with coffee, tea and desserts being served (and a $5 at the door donation requested).

To see the conference flyer (an 8 1/2 x 11 PDF) click HERE.

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