Piers Morgan of CNN nominated for “Saul Alinsky Leftist Smear of the Month Award” to be announced at Feb. 13, 2013 Freedom Leadership Conference in Northern Virginia

Piers Morgan of CNN TV has been nominated for the first Saul Alinsky Leftist Smear of the Month Award at the Wednesday, Feb. 13 Freedom Leadership Conference because of how he treated and responded to his guest, Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America (GOA) on his TV show as they discussed the recent Sandy Hook shooting of schoolchildren and new calls by the liberal-left for gun confiscation in America.

Piers Morgan was rude to his TV talk show guest, constantly cut him off and used personal put downs and name-calling to respond to the points being made by Larry Pratt, who suggested that teachers bearing firearms with concealed weapons permit, would have prevented the murder of 20 children at the recent Sandy Hook elementary school.  “You are incredibly stupid” was one of his responses to Larry Pratt, who he repeatedly interrupted.

“With guns come safety if they are in the hands of the good guys” said Pratt, which made TV talk show host Piers Morgan come unhinged, complaining that Pratt’s remarks were “an absolute lie” and “What a ridiculous argument.”  “You don’t care about the gun murder rate in America” said Morgan.” Among many other personal insults he also said “that is complete nonsense” and “idiots like you” and “you are a dangerous man espousing dangerous arguments.”

Pratt’s position is simple: Rather than ban guns we should ban gun-control to save lives in America.  GOA will be the sponsor of the 5/15 Freedom Leadership Conference near Tysons Corner, VA, and Larry Pratt will deliver keynote remarks on Firearms Freedom and how liberals believe our rights come from them and the government, not from Almighty God as America’s Founders believed and as is enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and especially in the Bill of Rights.

While nominations from all sources are welcome, special weight in the final decision will be given to the views expressed by Conference Members.  You may either write to indicate your approval of this nomination or make another nomination (for now or for March) for the Saul Alinsky Leftist Smear of the Month Award at LeftSmear@FreedomLeadershipConference.org.

The new award was first announced in an earlier post at the conference website, HERE.

The Conference keynote speaker on Wednesday, February 13 (7 PM) is Christopher Carmouche, who will speak on the subject “Benghazi vs Watergate: What’s the Difference?”  The February conference is sponsored by GrasstopsUSA, which Mr. Carmouche serves as President.

For information on this February Conference where the first “Saul Alinsky Leftist Smear of the Month Award” winner will be announced, see earlier article HERE.

David Denholm, President of Public Service Research Foundation and one of the founding members of the new monthly event in northern Virginia, will announce the Saul Alinsky Leftist Smear of the Month Award at the Feb. 13 conference.

Larry Pratt, who Piers Morgan attempted to demonize, will be the keynote speaker at the May 15th Freedom Leadership Conference, which will be sponsored by Gun Owners of America, where he is President.  Freedom Leadership Conference leaders refer to Pratt as one of the senior leaders of the modern day American conservative movement – as they also refer to David Denholm, who will announce the first Alinsky Award on Feb. 13.

The Freedom Leadership Conference is a private, monthly conference originally started 14 years ago in southern California as the Western Conservative Conference.  It has been meeting each month since December, 2012 at or near Tysons Corner, Virginia, and is by invitation only for members.  That first monthly meeting, sponsored by United States Intelligence Council, featured Philippines Legislator Herbert Borja speaking, see Philippines Legislator Blasts China Aggression.

Provisional (temporary/candidate) Conference membership is available for those who are committed conservative activists, donors or leaders.   Those approved for provisional membership must RSVP for admission, where a voluntary $5 donation is requested to pay for the room.  A “Leadership Council” drawn from the Conference regular membership, meets each month for dinner with the keynote speaker.  Inquiries are welcome at RSVP@FreedomLeadershipConference.org.

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