Tax Watchdog Group Blasts Unsustainable Govt. Overspending

Fairfax County Taxpayer Alliance documents federal, state and local overspending

The President of the Fairfax County Taxpayer Alliance documented federal, state and local government overspending at the Freedom Leadership Conference, blasting the unsustainable change in the federal government spending pattern where entitlements in 1960 were 26 percent of outlays but today are 64 percent of spending.

Arthur Purves, President of the “Watchdog of the Taxpayer” organization founded in 1956, said the federal government’s “principal mission has changed from defense to redistributing wealth in the past 50 years.

Purves, presented the “Freedom Leadership Award” for his organization’s and his work attacking government overspending, delivered the keynote remarks at the March 27, 2013 conference, founded fourteen years ago as an annual function and since late 2012 changed to a monthly conference in Northern Virginia.

Massive and increasing government spending at the federal, state and local level was documented at this conference, with the principal speaker noting that debt held by the public is now at 74% of the Gross Domestic Product in America.

Purves took exception to the ongoing “blame Bush for everything” policy of the White House of Barack Obama, pointing out to his audience that “This increase in the debt occurs even if President Obama gets his way on all policy issues:  higher taxes on the wealthy, substantial savings from Obamacare, ending the war in Afghanistan, higher taxes on oil companies,” etc.

Despite repeated calls by Obama to balance the budget by increasing taxes on higher income Americans, “he in fact is not paying down the debt.”  Further, said Purves, “it is not the case that budget redistributes wealth from the rich to the poor; it redistributes wealth from the next generation to our generation.”

Increasing government regulation of healthcare also came in for criticism by Purves as a reason for increasing debt in America, as out of pocket healthcare expendirues declined from 47 percent in 1960 to 12 percent in 2006.

“The health consumer has no incentive to check their bills, shop for the best price, forgo marginal treatments, or to reduce their medical expenses through better nutrition and exercise.”

Virginia out of control spending blasted

Showing a truly non-partisan disdain for government overspending, Arthur Purves blasted the (at the time pending) billion dollar tax increase of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.

Continuing his theme of careful documentation of his points, Arthur Purves showed that Virginia spending even under a Republican governor, has grown six times faster than population increase – 95 percent vs 15 percent.

The full text of the Purves remarks are available HERE and the video can be viewed HERE.

Next month’s conference is scheduled for August 21 at 7 PM near Fairfax City, Virginia, at a location provided to those approved for membership and attendance.  New “Provisional Membership” application can be made HERE.

Don’t miss next month:

A Conference for People of Faith set for August 21

The August 21 Freedom Leadership Conference features Pennsylvania State Representative Stephen Bloom, author of “They’ve Crossed the Line: A Patriot’s Guide to Religious Freedom.”  It will be sponsored by Birthmother Ministries, which helps women with troubled pregnancies.  The President of Birthmother Ministries, Jim Wright, will also deliver keynote remarks to the conference.  Read the recent article about this coming function HERE.

Rep. Bloom will have a limited supply of his book available for purchasing and autographing at nearly 40% discount off the regular price it sells for at Amazon, with priority to those who attend the dinner, and those who advance reserve (just check a box at the RSVP website) their book (only $10).

To reserve your spot at this members-only Conference which begins at 7 PM (and check the box if you want the book held for you), click HERE.

To purchase a ticket to the 5 PM dinner with keynote speakers Rep. Stephen Bloom and Birthmother Ministries President Jim Wright, click HERE.

New provisional members may attend the 7 PM conference – make application HERE.

The August 21 flyer (PDF – 8 ½ by 11) can be viewed or printed out HERE.

Future Conferences

8/21/13 Birthmother Ministries (keynote: PA Rep. Stephen Bloom & Jim Wright) A conference for people of faith

9/11/13 U.S. Intelligence Council & GrasstopsUSA (China CyberThreat & Movie, Free China: The Courage to Believe)

10/17/13 Thomas Jefferson Institute (Keynote: Michael Thompson)

11/12/13 Uniformed Services League (Topic: SOS/Save our Servicemen Rally)

12/5/13 Available (sponsor, exact date & venue to be selected)

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