Philippines Legislator Blasts China Aggression

Asks USA Help to Preserve Freedom of the Seas in West Philippine Sea

 (12/5/12, Tysons Corner, VA) A Philippines Legislator speaking to a Conference in Northern Virginia compared the conflict between his country and China to the U.S. War of 1812, saying that “China empowered its police, effective January 1, 2013, to board and turn away foreign ships entering the disputed waters” of what is called the West Philippine Sea (or the China Sea depending on which side you ask).

Legislator Herbert Borja from the Albay Province (State) of the Republic of the Philippines spoke before the Freedom Leadership Conference, sponsored this month by US Intelligence Council (USIC) and the Freedom Center Foundation.

Reminding his audience how his country and America stood together against a common foe during World War II, he warns that a “war at sea” is rapidly developing in the same Pacific Rim area of that conflict, and that American and world freedom of navigation, the theme of America’s War of 1812, is again being threatened.

If America does not stand with the Philippines to thwart the Chinese attempt to control the West Philippine Sea chokepoint with its rich seabed mineral deposits, Legislator Borja asks, “Will California be America’s new Maginot Line?”

“We know that the Chinese would prefer to bully the nations of Southeast Asia, one country at a time,” said Borja in his remarks.  “As you can imagine, we smaller countries would prefer to bargain with China as a group.  And we prefer to have the participation of the United States.”

He asks Americans, “I urge you to consider carefully what we can together do now to help stop the seizure of what will become China’s Sea if nothing is done.”

Both China and the Philippines, as well as Vietnam, Burma, Taiwan and India, have claimed part or all of the three island groups in the disputed area.  China has increasingly used its stronger sea power to force the issue and now claims that effective January 1, 2013, they will stop and board ships passing through the entire area without their permission.  The island groups include the Paracels, the Scarborough Shoal, and the Spratleys.

Richard Buck, a spokesman for the December 5 Conference Sponsor, US Intelligence Council, said that Legislator Borja’s remarks were very well received by conference attendees.

The January  9, 2013 Freedom Leadership Conference will be sponsored by the Religious Freedom Coalition with keynote remarks by their President, William Murray.  The February 13 conference will be sponsored by GrasstopsUSA with keynote remarks by their President, Christopher Carmouche.

Monthly conferences on March 27 will continue through 2013 at or near the Tysons Corner area of Northern Virginia with additional monthly sponsors to be announced at  Several organizations have indicated an interest in sponsoring the March 27 conference.   The Secure America Alliance has tentatively confirmed the April 24 Conference on their issue, “The Obama War Against Seniors.”  A venue for all Conferences from January through and including April 24 has been confirmed within 10 minutes of Tysons Corner, Virginia.  Dates for May, June and July will be announced at the January 9 Conference.

The Conference is for Members only.  Provisional (temporary or candidate) Members are accepted to attend one meeting after which their application will be accepted or denied.  To request an application for Conference Admission as a Provisional (Candidate) Member please write  There are no dues, fees or contributions required either for Provisional or for Regular membership.

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The Agenda for each month’s conference will be the same: 5 PM Leadership Council doors open, 5:30 PM promptly dinner served; Conference begins with a Coffee and Desert Reception 7 PM (open to all who reserved a place and have been confirmed as Provisional or regular Members), 7:30 to 8 PM keynote & sponsor remarks; 8 to 8:30 PM remarks by other speakers 5 to 10 minutes with 1 minute meeting and event announcements at the end; 8:30 to 9 PM Conference new business including future events and closing remarks; 9 to 9:30 PM coffee social.

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