William Murray blasts World War on Christians

Points to Rise of Crime & Anarchy after Mother’s 1963 Supreme Court Case at first 2013 Freedom Leadership Conference

William Murray delivers keynote remarks to Jan. 9, 2013 Freedom Leadership Conference (click image for video)

(1/9/13, McLean, Virginia) An iconic figure to many conservatives and especially the social or Christian conservative activists blasted the removal of God from American public life as demanded by the secular left in keynote remarks at the first of a new monthly series in northern Virginia called the Freedom Leadership Conference on January 9.  The Conference is a gathering of leading conservative donors and activists who meet privately at what was once a public annual forum but is now a private monthly “networking” gathering of these most influential conservatives in Northern Virginia.

Author and President of the Religious Freedom Coalition, William Murray focused on the origins of today’s “War on Christians” in the infamous Supreme Court case in which his atheist mother, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, used him as her student son at a Baltimore public school to file a lawsuit which resulted in a 1963 Supreme Court decision which banned prayer from America’s classrooms. (video of full remarks click photo above or HERE).

Murray reminded his audience that this Supreme Court case has been used as a precedent for many other court decisions since then, expanding well beyond the original scope of the public school classroom, resulting in disrespect for all authority which has resulted in a rising tide of violence and crime in American public schools.

Religious Freedom Coalition Sponsors Conference

The January 9 Freedom Leadership Conference at which William Murray spoke was sponsored by the Religious Freedom Coalition, which he serves as President.  The Freedom Leadership Conference monthly series is also organized under the auspices of the Freedom Center Foundation, one of the original, founding primary sponsors of this function in California 14 years ago.

Murray’s remarks were very well received by the attendees of the conference, all of whom are either members or provisional (candidate) members of this now private function which is now being held monthly in Northern Virginia in 2013.

Those interested in attending future monthly functions sponsored by other conservative organizations which provide the keynote speaker, must submit advance application for membership (which is complementary).  Details are available on request at RSVP@FreedomLeadershipConference.org.

World Net Daily recently published the 30 Year Anniversary edition of the book that made William Murray an iconic figure to most traditional conservatives - and copies were on hand for purchase and autographing at the Jan. 9 conference.

World Net Daily recently published the 30 Year Anniversary edition of the book that made William Murray an iconic figure to most traditional conservatives – and copies were on hand for purchase and autographing at the Jan. 9 conference.

Murray had on hand at the request of conference organizers, a box containing a batch of two of his seven books – most of which were sold after the conference and which he then autographed.

One of the two books was the 30th Anniversary Edition of his original My Life Without God, which continues to sell briskly so many years after its original publication to explain William Murray’s decision to abandon his mother’s atheism and to turn his life over to Jesus Christ.  The continued popularity of this book after 30 years is one of the reasons that Murray continues a brisk speaking schedule around the United States, often without a fee or honorarium with his own travel expenses paid for by his Religious Freedom Coalition (whose donors make this possible).

Murray book: The Pledge, One Nation Under God

The second of the two books available at the conference was more recent William Murray book, The Pledge: One Nation Under God which details the true history of religious freedom in America and what you can do to protect the Pledge of Allegiance.  For information on how to order these books and information about William Murray’s work you may visit the website of Religious Freedom Coalition.

One of the conference organizers said in the private Leadership Council dinner with Murray just before the conference began, that his book and friendship have been personally inspiring to him and had helped change his own life.  Another of the Conference Leadership Council and Host Committee, John Medaris (owner of ExitAdvantage Realty in Northern Virginia, introduced William Murray at the conference.

Mr. Murray’s story begin in Baltimore, Maryland, which, he explained, has been a prime recruiting grounds for Communism.  He explained how his mother turned to Communism and even attempted to defect to the Soviet Union, making it as far as the Soviet embassy in Paris.  She was requested to turn back and help the cause of Communism in the United States.

After her return, Madelyn Murray O’Hair brought her son William to school, where she immediately found a new way to help her extremist cause by bringing a lawsuit to stop praying in public school.

Conference Leadership Council member John Medaris (who also owns Exit Advantage Realty) introduced keynote speaker Murray

Conference Leadership Council member John Medaris (who also owns Exit Advantage Realty) introduced keynote speaker Murray

Bill’s remarks, available for viewing HERE, explain that the real issue was not just praying in school.  Nobody can stop a student from praying.  The real issue was – and remains – how to destroy God’s authority in schools and in society.

The claim that the liberal-left simply wants to separate Church from State is false, Bill explained.

“War on Christians” started with Bill’s Mother 50 years Ago

“It was not the opportunity to pray that was removed from the public schools in that 1963 Supreme Court decision,” he said.  “It was the authority (and respect) of God vested in the teachers and the establishment that maintained public order.  It may have started in the schools 50 years ago but today it has spread everywhere.”

“It was not my mother that banished God from public schools but the liberal activist Warren Supreme Court.”  The Court’s attitude, explained Bill, was the problem – and whether it was his mother’s case or some other case, sooner or later they would have “legislated from the bench” to impose their views on a society that did not agree with them then or even today 50 years later.

Today, reported Bill, we have 40% less population in Baltimore (which remains a hotbed of liberalism in America – and a stronghold for Communist recruiting) but we have doubled the police presence.  Back then, a police officer carried a handgun with an extra 6 bullets and a nightstick.  Today they carry fully automatic weapons, full body armor, 200 or more rounds of ammunition and wear a ski mask to protect their identity when they use overwhelming force to subdue citizens in their homes and in our public schools.

Before the Supreme Court’s 1963 decision we had my classroom with open windows during the day, unlocked windows and doors at night, kids wearing white shirts and ties to school, respect for God, teachers and authority, reported Murray.

What happened in America since that Supreme Court decision brought by his mother supposedly in behalf of her student son, William Murray?

“If an individual is not afraid of the wrath of God, it is impossible to cause him to fear the justice of the state” said Bill to the conference.

Citizens to Restore Voluntary School Prayer

William Murray served in a volunteer capacity about 15 years ago as Chairman of “Citizens to Restore Voluntary School Prayer,” a project of one of this conference’s original primary sponsors (the Legal Affairs Council).

As Chairman Bill organized a coalition of Christian, center-right organizations – today popularly known as “social conservatives” and always answering to the name “traditional conservatives” – in a Capitol Hill rally where then Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich was the keynote speaker.  Murray and his coalition presented Gingrich with over a million signed petitions demanding that school prayer be restored to America’s classrooms – the bulk of which were collected by his own organization.

Murray also was a speaker in behalf of this forerunner of his present Religious Freedom Coalition, to the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, which was sponsored that year by his Citizens to Restore Voluntary School Prayer.   His leadership on that project was one of the many which have made William Murray an iconic figure in the past twenty years to so many conservatives and to most social-issues conservatives.

Freedom Leadership Award to William Murray

"Freedom Leadership Award" presented to keynote speaker William Murray by Conference Event Coordinator Richard Buck.

“Freedom Leadership Award” presented to keynote speaker William Murray by Conference Event Coordinator Richard Buck.

At the conclusion of his remarks to the January 9 Freedom Leadership Conference William Murray was presented a Freedom Leadership Award by the Conference chairman and by Conference Event Coordinator Richard Buck, in recognition of his organization’s sponsorship of this month’s conference, his keynote remarks and his Honorary Conference Membership.

Legislator Herbert Borja of the Philippines was awarded the first such Honorary Membership and Award after his keynote remarks at the first of the new monthly conference series (and the 13th annual conference) on December 5, 2012 at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel, Tysons Corner, Virginia (article and video HERE, full text of remarks HERE), which was sponsored by United States Intelligence Council (USIC).  Our Conference Event Coordinator, Richard Buck, was announced at that function as the newly appointed USIC Program Director, and Dr. Roger Canfield was announced as the new USIC Vice President.

Dr. Roger Canfield was a speaker at the first three annual Freedom Leadership Conferences in California (when it was called Western Conservative Conference) and author or co-author of the two books published by conference co-founder US Intelligence Council, which he served as Executive Director.

Dr. Roger Canfield was a speaker at the first three annual Freedom Leadership Conferences in California (when it was called Western Conservative Conference) and author or co-author of the two books published by conference co-founder US Intelligence Council, which he served as Executive Director.

Dr. Canfield was the founding Executive Director of United States Intelligence Council, which was a primary sponsor of this Conference 13 years ago.  In addition to being a conference speaker in California each of the first three years it was held there, Dr. Canfield was the co-author of the USIC books China Doll: Clinton-Gore and the Selling of the Presidency, and author of Stealth Invasion: Red Chinese Operations in North America.  The two books had a combined circulation of over 1 million copies.

USIC Vice President Dr. Canfield has also written two other books which will be of interest to our friends here: Comrades in Arms, How the Ameri-Cong Won the Vietnam War Against the Common Enemy, the United States, and China’s Trojan Horses: Red Chinese Soldiers, Sailors, Students, Scientists and Spies Occupy America’s Homeland (order HERE).

(Note.  Locations of future monthly conference functions are not disclosed at this website in advance but only by email to already approved Conference members and provisional – or candidate – members who must then advance RSVP their wish to attend these limited seating, private monthly conferences – write RSVP@FreedomLeadershipConference.org).

We are grateful to William Murray and his Religious Freedom Coalition for sponsoring this January 9 conference and for his remarks and strongly urge our friends to visit his website HERE to learn more about his wonderful work over the past 50 years.

Future conferences are planned every month for the balance of 2013 with applications for membership still being reviewed.  Those future conferences include:

Grasstops USA to Sponsor February 13 Conference

Grasstops USA will sponsor the February 13 Freedom Leadership Conference in McLean, Virginia, with keynote remarks by its own President, Christopher Carmouche, who is also a pioneer of effective conservative use of the internet.  Carmouche will address the issue of Benghazigate vs Watergate and the far more sinister coverup by the Obama White House and its allies, and what we can do.

Defending Fairfax Taxpayers at March 27 Conference

Conference Leadership Council member Tom Cranmer was MC of a segment of the 1/9/13 Conference.

Conference Leadership Council member Tom Cranmer was MC of a segment of the 1/9/13 Conference.

The March 27 conference, also in McLean, will be sponsored by the Fairfax County Taxpayer Alliance which will provide its own President, Arthur Purves, as the speaker to focus on unnecessary and wasteful use of taxpayer funds in Fairfax County, Virginia.  Purvis delivered brief remarks at this January 9 conference about his organization and his plans for March 27.  The Fairfax County Taxpayer Alliance’s Vice President, Tom Cranmer, was a moderator of one segment of the January 9 and the December 5 Freedom Leadership Conferences, as well as a founding member of the new Leadership Council, and a member of the Conference Host Committee of the.

The War on Seniors topic for March 27 Conference

The Secure America Alliance will sponsor the April 24 conference and provide a speaker on the subject of the Obama War Against Seniors which will especially heat up this year as taxes continue to increase under Obamacare, and existing benefits for Seniors continue to be slashed to make more funds available for illegal aliens and other constituencies which reelected Barack Obama as President.

“Fiery Spokesman” Larry Pratt to defend Gun Owners May 15

Gun Owners of America will sponsor the Freedom Leadership Conference on May 15, providing their Executive Director, Larry Pratt as the keynote speaker on the subject of the new Obama-Biden war on gun owners.  Pratt has in recent weeks been a repeat guest on various TV talk shows including Sean Hannity and Geraldo Rivera, who referred to him as the “fiery” spokesman for gun owners.

American Border Control to criticize Obama Amnesty July. 2013

American Border Control (ABC) – a sponsor of last year’s November 11 conference (see website report & keynote speaker text of remarks elsewhere on this website) will sponsor the July Freedom Leadership Conference to focus on the issue of the Obama amnesty for illegal aliens and how to use the issue of American exceptionalism to welcome legal immigrants to America.  ABC – formerly United States Seaport Commission, is an original, founding primary sponsor of the Freedom Leadership Conference when it operated as the Western Conservative Conference in southern California 14 years ago.

ABC Executive Director Jon Moseley (who is an attorney in private practice in Northern Virginia) has been both a speaker and an MC at more recent conferences.  He is a past Executive Director of the Legal Affairs Council, which for ten years was a sponsor of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference and an original, founding primary sponsor of this Freedom Leadership Conference.

Uniformed Services League “Salutes Veterans” November 2013

Uniformed Services League will sponsor the November conference as a “salute to American military veterans” at the same time that they blast the silence or complicity of the Obama Administration in the U.N. plans to put American servicemen serving abroad on trial before foreign tribunals.

Searching for More 2013 Conference Sponsors & Speakers

David Denholm spoke at the first two of the new monthly Conference series (Dec. 5 and Jan. 9), most recently on the subject of labor union domination of American politics, the subject of his Public Service Research Foundation organization (where he serves as President).

Organization sponsorship for Freedom Leadership Conference are still available for June, July, September, October and December with several organizations advising us of their interest (write to: RSVP@FreedomLeadershipConference.org to make inquiry).  There is no fee or charge for such sponsorship except if the sponsor organization wishes to upgrade to a better (and hence more expensive) facility than the Northern Virginia area community centers otherwise utilized.  Organizations which have opted for this upgrade so far include United States Intelligence Council (the 12/5 function at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel, Tysons Corner) and in the future Secure America Alliance (4/24), Gun Owners of America (5/15), Americans Border Control (August) and Uniformed Services League (November).

The location of future functions are not ever disclosed on this website or in any public venue but are only provided to already approved members and provisional (candidate) members.  Inquiries are welcome at RSVP@FreedomLeadershipConference.org.

A Conference for Conservative Leaders, Donors, Activists

The Freedom Leadership monthly conference series in Northern Virginia, established for conservatives who wish to provide leadership for our cause, begins with a 7 PM desert and coffee reception for the principal speaker, for which there is a $5 voluntary donation requested at the door.  It includes 30 minutes for the speaker and the sponsor organization, with all speaker’s requested to provide written keynote remarks in advance of no longer than 14 minutes, with the video of such remarks to be placed on youtube and on this website.  We also require all speakers to provide the full text of their remarks at least three days before each conference with the goal of placing them on this website immediately after the keynote remarks are delivered.

An additional half hour of short (5 minute) presentations on issues of interest to conservatives follows (advance inquires are welcome), and a concluding half hour of short presentations about the Freedom Leadership Conference, its philosophy and future events, ends at 9 PM.  An example of such a presentation is that given by John Medaris at the 12/5 function and by Richard Conn at the 1/9 function about a favorite part of the “Statement of Conservative Principles” first adopted four years ago by this Conference at Thurmont, MD (see Thurmont Statement).

There is a half hour coffee social at the end, a special opportunity for provisional (temporary or candidate) members to speak with Conference Leadership Council and Host Committee members about the possibility of their being approved for permanent membership and invitation to future conferences.

Would you like to join us for dinner with the Keynote Speaker?

Richard Conn was appointed to the Conference Leadership Council explaining one of his favorite parts of The Thurmont Statement of Conservative Principles.

Richard Conn was appointed to the Conference Leadership Council explaining one of his favorite parts of The Thurmont Statement of Conservative Principles.

Each conference is preceded by a private, member/invitation only dinner for the Conference Leadership Council with the keynote speaker.  Several of the Leadership Council members were especially delighted to have had the chance in such a small and private setting (16 attendees) to get to know William Murray better and last month, Philippines Legislator Herbert Borja.

Those invited to the Leadership Council dinners either donate a bit extra to help pay for the function, or they are drawn from the ranks of activists who help operate the conference.  The keynote speaker is always the guest of honor at these Leadership dinners.  The $5 voluntary donation asked at the door does not completely pay the expenses of the Conference, so those who participate in the dinner are the reason that the Conference can pay its bills and continue monthly.

In order to seek new applicants to participate in this private conference via direct mail and internet promotions we seek Conference Friends ($100 extra donation), Benefactors ($250) and Sponsors ($1000).    If you can help us as a Conference Friend, Benefactor or Sponsor, please let us know and we will be happy to reserve your seating closest to the keynote speaker at the next conference, write RSVP@FreedomLeadershipConferenece.org.

We also rely on our members and supporters to invite from among their supporters and friends, those who they think may wish to attend the conference (for example, you can simply send them a link to THIS article to gauge their interest).  We have a membership application process if someone is interested (attendance is for members and provisional or candidate members only).  Have your candidate write to us (and mention your name if you are a member who referred them) to ask for membership details, RSVP@FreedomLeadershipConference.org.

(Part 1 video on youtube)

(Part 2 video on youtube)

Reminder to those who are already Conference Members or Provisional Members who attended one conference: don’t forget to confirm your attendance at the next Conference on February 13 sponsored by GrasstopsUSA and featuring Christopher Carmouche on the subject of Benghazi-Gate.  We have very limiteds seating (as you could see) and we want to make sure we have reserved a spot for you. Write RSVP@FreedomLeadershipConference.org.

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